Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turning 60 - Scrappy Saturday

With dozens of quilts from the past 20 years, I have decided to dedicate an entire page on my blog to the 60 degree angle. Hence, the "Turning 60" title (and here you thought it had to do with my age; well, maybe it does.)

Don't you just love the 60 degree angle? It is so precise, so uniform, so 60s. Do you remember the 60s? Turbulent times but my quilts are not.

As I have gone through the dozens (hundreds, if you must know) of quilts that have been published over the years in magazines, books, calendars - I realized that it would be so much fun to share many of them as themes. And what did I discover? That I have an entire category of quilts based on this fabulous, beautiful, 60 degree angle.

It's Saturday (where I live, the Eastern USA) and there's nothing quite like SCRAPS to make me feel cozy. These little CD bags were made in 2004/5 with some leftover grandmother's flower garden blocks from a quilt in my first book. I thought it would be nice to capture just one in a little bag just the right size for a CD. I made two and finally found the original photo that appeared in Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. And I included a lesson on English Paper Piecing. I share that with you, too, at the end of this post.

Two little CD bags using my leftover Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks

I found the bags hanging on the back of my sewing room  door last night! Wow; I didn't have to tear the house apart to find them.

One bag; note the bird novelty print. (There are chickens in the green bag!)
OK. So, where's the pattern?

Click this link: CD mini bag to get the small, 4 page pdf pattern. It includes an illustrated lesson on English Paper Piecing. Enjoy! Check back often for more projects with the fabulous 60 degree angle.


  1. Thanks for the cute bag tutorial! Looking forward to your 60s :)

  2. I like your bags. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  3. How cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. That is a really fun piece and thank you for the link. I am always looking for new ideas to make for gifts.


  5. Oh I'll definitely be watching for more. This little bag is super cute. For awhile it seemed like almost every single quilt or other project I loved used the 60 degree ruler and I didn't have one.

    Now I finally got one and do you think I could remember any of the ones I'd seen or see any since getting that ruler finally? HA nope! Thank you for this bag.

  6. Like your bags and thanks for the newsy email!

  7. cute little baq.
    Looking forward to more tutorials and your wonderful patterns.
    Joan in GA

  8. Love your bags Debbie, But one thing I do not do is EPP. Do Scraps well though. My Nearly Insane Quilt is filled with scraps and lots of gorgeous conversationals :-)


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