Saturday, December 1, 2012

Penguins - Brrrr!

Brrr! Chill Pattern - Penguins on a panel with patches around

I ran this last summer (last summer? That's a winter quilt, duh!). And since I showed a paper pieced penguin yesterday, I thought of this and wanted to share it again, along with the pattern. Yes, the center is one of those printed batiks, but any awesome printed panel will do for the center for a medallion quilt.

Now for the paper pieced Penguin. I showed a small quilt made almost 10 years ago that had several paper pieced patterns. The Penguin got the most interest. I will be sharing more patterns, but this is the first one. Remember this quilt?
Winter's Favorite Things
Here is the Penguin pattern. It finishes to 5". Remember, the finished block is the mirror image of the foundation pattern (that's why the beak is on the other side).

Penguin Paper Pieced pattern - 5" finished
UPDATE! Penguin is now available as a pdf download: 5" Penguin paper pieced pattern

 Enjoy! Stay tuned for the Cardinal! And the Ear Muffs and others. Share with your friends. It's cold outside and quilts keep us warm.


  1. this little guy is so very cute. thank you for this pattern. i can see him on all over the house.

  2. Thanks, Debby. Am curious where the pattern is. When I click on the penguin picture and the pattern picture, they don't measure 5". Are we supposed to enlarge the picture? Thanks. Dottie

  3. Is it necessary to make 5 and 6 on the middle section? They are so small and the same color as the background.

  4. I know this is older post but I just found them...Sew neat...


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