Friday, June 7, 2013

New Birdhouse: 60s A-Frame

Another birdhouse for you tweet-tweet lovers. Again, this is upsized from my smaller version designed many years ago. I made this as large as a standard sized piece of paper would allow. These are batiks from Sew Batik. Aren't they lovely?

60s A-Frame. 7-1/2" x 10" finished size
My students ask me all the time: shouldn't we shorten the stitch length when paper piecing so that the paper comes off easier? (They've had classes with other instructors, I think.) I say: NO. And the reason is to be seen in the birdhouse above. 

I wish I had just listened to the voices in my head and kept my stitch length at the default size. Click on the picture and look at the seam of the red horizontal piece of fabric, right after the "2013". Can you see it? AAARRGHHH! The stitching that I had to remove left little pin holes. I am NOT happy. This is why I always say, "Change your stitch length at your own risk. I keep mine as it is."

You can find the full size pdf of this at the Birdhouse page on the tab above. Or just visit my Craftsy pattern site.

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Come back on Monday for the 3rd in our Mini-Blog Hop series. We will be featuring the Nola Collection by Blank Quilting and I have another paper pieced block to share. Have a great weekend.

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  1. I used to make my stitch length really tiny because that was what I was told to do, but stopped doing that when I had to attempt to take out some stitches because of a mistake. Not fun!! I keep the regular stitch length now, too. =)


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