Friday, June 20, 2014

Free Pattern Friday Featuring American Coverlet Fabrics

Constitution Oak Pattern: 64" x 64"
Constitution Oak is a very old, traditional pattern. The appliques are large and easy. I designed this quilt several years ago for Windham Fabrics as a pattern to go along with their Farmer Fancy Collection in association with the National Museum of the American Coverlet. I visited this Museum a few years ago and was amazed at all the gorgeous antique coverlets they have hidden inside a rather dilapidated re-purposed elementary school.

While you may not have any coverlets in your stash or find any to buy, it's easy enough to make this quilt using your favorite prints.

You can download the pattern with full size templates for the applique here: Constitution Oak

While you're at it, take a look at the Regal Eagle quilt I also made with a coverlet collection:
Regal Eagle appears in my 2014 wall calendar
Regal Eagle was picked up by a magazine a few years ago and then they went bankrupt and I was never paid (they published but couldn't honor their contracts). So, I made sure it was in my wall calendar. My nephew Blair saw it and told me how much he loved it. I promised him the quilt when he moves into his new apartment. This eagle had an identity crisis and needs to be in a loving home, don't you think?!!

Hope you get inspired to make Constitution Oak!

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  1. I do appreciate all the designs you have are soooo diverse my sweet Debby


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