Monday, June 1, 2015

Galaxy of Stars June Block

Wow! Half way there for your Galaxy of Stars quilt. Today I share the large, center block: Woven Star, a whopping 24". It is VERY easy to piece - honest. In fact I've made more than one - I made 3 of these. Here is the first quilt I used it for, since gifted to a family who's home was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

(Make sure you scroll down to see the star blocks made so far by Amy O. of Raleigh, NC. They are awesome!)
Woven Ribbon Star #1
I was visiting the UPTOWN QUILT GUILD last week and they shared with me that the entire guild (about 80 members) is doing this Galaxy of Stars BOM as their BOM as a guild. Isn't that fabulous? And they are keeping with my request that everyone get the pattern themselves (rather than one person downloading it and photocopying for everyone - a no no). They are certainly allowed to make copies for those who don't have the ability to print or otherwise have internet access. KUDOS TO YOU AT THE UPTOWN QUILT GUILD of Warsaw, Virginia. I had a fabulous time, yes I did! And I am honored that you selected my BOM for your guild.

Then I made the Galaxy of Stars quilt that is our block of the month. And when I taught this as a workshop, I needed another sample and so made this one and gave it simple borders.

Woven Ribbon Star as a quilt center
Here's today's block as it appears in the BOM quilt . . .

24" Woven Ribbon Center Star
And here's the link to the one page pdf. I know you'll enjoy piecing this. You may even make more than one. It makes a perfect center for a baby or child's quilt, doesn't it?

First, Amy O's blocks so far (sent in May 2015):
Amy O.'s blocks for the first 4 months
Woven Ribbon Center Star pdf


  1. Thanks for the latest star block, Debby. I love how your class sample plays with both background and border as a quilt center. I like Amy O's color choices. Her stars almost glow. Some day I'll select fabrics and make the stars. Until then I'll just have fun playing in my stash and stitching through my project backlog. Thanks as always for the stars and the inspirations! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  2. Neat star. I trust you if you say it is easy it must it easy to cut too? LOL

  3. Amy's blocks are amazing! What fun to have an entire guild doing your BOM! I love this center and think it would make a wonderful baby quilt. I will have to make one for the next baby due in our church ward.

  4. what's the secret to cutting a perfect 13-1/4"sq? have several almost squares for other stars background. LOL
    marie (


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