Thursday, September 3, 2015

FREE Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Digging through my archives of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of patterns  I came across this quilt made in 2006 using one of the very first Jelly Roll bundles. Moda Fabrics made these jelly rolls so tasty! This was featured in one of the magazines I was editor of and my challenge was to come up with a quilt that could be created using a single jelly roll and a companion background fabric.

Here's the Spring Fling jelly roll:
Moda jelly roll bundle of 40 strips
Here's a picture of the 2-1/2" strips getting cut for the project:

Here's a picture of the Logs and Mortar quilt:
Logs and Mortar Quilt 10" blocks. 62" x 72" quilt

The 6 page pattern pdf has all the steps pictured as we did them for the magazine. It was one of our tutorials. It includes the yardages, the cutting instructions, etc. This is NOT to be copied and distributed (yes, I don't really know if you do this, but I'm asking that you honor my request.) You may share this link with your friends and if everyone has their own copy, have a sewing party!
(You will be getting the pattern from my Craftsy site, but it still is FREE.)

Any group of forty 2-1/2" strips will get you this quilt, so don't think you need to copy my colors. This quilt has since been gifted or I would take a better photo! But, like I said: there are lots of photos in the pattern.

FREE pattern: Spring Fling Logs and Mortar Quilt



  1. Looks like a beautiful quilt and a great way to use some of my jelly rolls that I bought years ago. Thanks, Debby!

  2. Thank you for sharing this pattern. Recently i cut a lot of scraps into 2 1/2" strips which i will use for this.

  3. Nice, easy pattern. Thanks. As I see a lot of quilts that are donate to good causes this will get made up sometime. I cut 2 1/2" strips but never seem to have a group that goes together. Thanks.

  4. Lovely quilt, Debbie, and such a great way to show multiple fabrics playing well together! You do that so well! With a design like this one I can make yet another quilt using a piece or strip of each of my favorite fabrics (i.e. most of the stash) and I'll know the fabrics were washed before I cut and stitch (my lungs thank me). Thanks as always for sharing! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  5. What a great pattern! I like that it only takes one jelly roll and then the extra fabric. I have quite a few strips that are collecting in a box, and this could be where they get used. Thanks a lot, as you always come up with a plan for me. =)


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