Monday, November 23, 2015

2016 Calendar Girls Projects

The CALENDAR GIRLS© Quilt Shop Program was a 12 month series of quilts based on blocks in the Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar. It was exclusive to quilt shops in 2008 and NOW is available to individual quilters as my 2016 Block of the Month Program. Each month features a fully patterned quilt with all instructions and color diagrams, PLUS an accompanying one page newsletter full of tips particular to that project.

You have to have the calendar to make sense of the pattern! All cutting info and templates for the blocks are in the calendar. The pattern gives all the yardage info, sashings, borders, etc - just like any pattern.
Example of block pattern in the calendar

Beginning in January, I will share the project and newsletter on my blog. I hope to have sample blocks so you can see them in REAL fabric. I have several project pics of quilts made by participating quilt shops, too. And several of my own. Here is my small Prairie Flower quilt using Fossil Ferns.

Four block Prairie Flower quilt from the January pattern
If you can't find a calendar to buy (online, quilt shop, etc) I have a limited number of Calendar CDs available for sale ($12.99 plus postage). They have all the blocks in the desktop calendar in TWO sizes along with another 12 quilts! I can only mail these within the USA and Canada. I have two remaining desktop calendars also for sale ($19.99 plus priority postage because it's so heavy).


January -- Prairie Flower
51" x 51"

February --Warm Welcome Home
34" x 38"

March -- Patches & Leaves
56" x 68"

April -- Dancing Double Cross
63" x 63"

May -- Trillium Wreath
26" x 26"

June -- Idaho Beauty
35" x 57"

July -- Americana Sampler
56" x 56"

August -- Free Trade Stars
36" x 36"

September-- Union Squares
44" x 44"

October-- Blazing Autumn Leaves
55" x 59"

November -- Glory Leaves Placemats
12" x 18"

December-- Star & Wreath Table Runner
22" x 48"


  1. Good Morning,
    Where would I be able to purchase the 2016 Block-A-Day calendar? I will love to follow along with your awesome projects!

  2. Oh my goodness, I actually found the CD from 2007 on my bookshelf! It doesn't auto-start with Windows 8.1, but that's OK. I think I'll copy the files to my hard drive -- a much bigger hard drive than I would have had in 2007! LOL

    Kay Ahr

  3. Wonderful choices! Thank you. I remember when I thought I could collect every Fossil Fern there was. LOL! I like the colors in the one you showed. Those are great. I'm looking forward to 2016.

  4. I'd love to purchase the Calendar CD. Not found it online yet. How do Ido that?

  5. Debby Where can those of us who live abroad buy this calendar? I've been trying using google but with no luck.
    Thank you, Warm hugs, Ruthie


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