Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Adinkra 2016 BOM - March

March is here (and has been for 2 weeks!) Getting ready for Spring and new blooms and flowers everywhere. Here is our third block for 2016:

The third applique pattern is for ASASE YE DURU - “the earth has weight”
Symbol of providence and divinity of Mother Earth who sustains life

(I actually don't believe in the "divinity" of Mother Earth, but you get what I mean!)

In case you missed it, here is the first block : January's Block
And the second block: February Block

When you visit the February link, you will see another beautiful variation on how to assemble the blocks.

See you next month!

Supply List for Scrappy Adinkra Quilt #1


  1. Never seen that design before, but it looks great.

  2. Beautiful design! I can understand why early tribes and clan people believed the earth was to be worshiped, but I don't find divinity there, either. =) Thanks for another lovely design.

  3. Hi the 3 applique pattern link is not active


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