Friday, April 1, 2016

April Pattern for 2016 Calendar Girls: Dancing Double Cross

Here is our 4th project in my 2016 Calendar Girls Program. I hope you've enjoyed what we've had so far and you are keeping up. Even if you aren't, at least you can save the patterns for when you have some extra time to play.

The block for April is Double Cross and appears in my Block a Day calendar on April 6th.
Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar
Here is the block:
Double Cross Block
Before I show the project, you must see what Patricia in Australia is doing for 2016. She has been making one block a day since January 1. Martingale (my publisher) is showing these blocks on their Facebook page. She not only makes the block but she photographs them in such a clever way.

Go visit and see these blocks. She is up to date and I am so honored and impressed at all her work!
Patricia's blocks from my Block a Day Calendar.

You can find the 3 page pattern for this Dancing Double Cross quilt here:
(Yes, for this month I do not have you going to Craftsy for the pattern since I will be out of town and my dog and husband don't know how to activate these internet things!)

Dancing Double Cross Quilt
And a special newsletter with quick sewing tips for making all those triangles.

See you in May for our 5th project!


  1. many thanks for the block and wow have been looking at Patricia`s blocks one talented lady

  2. Thank you for this great block and quilt idea! I plan to do March, but it will take more time, so I didn't get it done in March. This one, though, will make a great baby quilt, using the center of your plan. SO much fun to follow along. I hope you're having fun out of town. =) Thanks for sharing the link to Patricia's blocks. That has to make you feel great! I think your calendar should be reprinted for shops to do another round of year-long projects!


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