Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 Adinkra BOM: Fihankra Block

Where has May gone? Well, being on the road much of the month has made it go by so fast for me!

Here is the May block for my African Adinkra quilt.

The fifth in our series is FIHANKRA - “house or compound”

Symbol of security and safety
This is typical of Asante (Akan) architecture. The communal housing compound
has only one entrance and one exit.

Fihankra Block
Remember, these appliqués fit onto 10-1/2" unfinished background squares.

Hope you are enjoying this! I've made it twice and have all the blocks cut out for one more quilt.


  1. I really like this design, Debby. It also reminds me of some western Indian cultures.

  2. What about the June design. I have been checking everyday eagerly awaiting


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