Sunday, May 1, 2016

Calendar Girls 2016: May Trillium Wreath

How can it be May already? We are still having the April showers where I live, but at least they've brought lots of May flowers! Color, color everywhere.

The Trillium Wreath block stands alone as the center of this small table topper. Set on point with pink triangles and then a striped border using all my favorite colors.

12" Trillium Wreath Block
And the digital quilt:
Trillium Wreath: 26" x 26"
And I found the little quilt I made several years ago, folded up in my closet. Poor thing has a fold right down her middle. Will have to let her rest on the bed and relax, huh?

Trillium Wreath Table Topper: 26" x 26"
You do not have to go to Craftsy for this pattern. It will eventually go there, but for now you can download it from the links above.

Remember, you need to own a copy of my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar in order to get the pattern for the 12" Trillium Leaf block.


  1. oh dear an applique block will have to learn how to do this sooner or later thanks seem to have a mental block when it comes to applique and FPP

  2. Quilters challenge is miniature 25 inches sq due by 3rd monday in june. Have 3 made but this is much better. Ok starting today. Wish me luck


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