Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Adinkra BOM: August Block

Yes, TWO days early but certainly not late as in the past. I know you will love the August block for my Adinkra BOM.

I love blocks that have symmetry. Maybe that's because I'm very mathmatical and organized. Our August block is called NKONSONKONSON. (Not sure why the "konson" is repeated twice)

Nkonsonkonson: chain links
This means "chain links" and is a symbol of unity and human relations. Don't we all wish that our global human relations had a bit more unity!

Let's see again my 2nd Adinkra quilt made with the Ethnic Echoes Collection from Blank Quilting. This is from 2009. Don't you love the symmetry of the shapes and the beautiful blend of the blues and browns?

Ethnic Echoes Collection for my 2nd Adinkra quilt
I hope your blocks are giving you great pleasure. Thanks for keeping up, even when I don't!


  1. Thank you Debby. I am also sometimes late, but was able to catch up today with making the alternating block. It is nice to be getting closer and closer to the finish line on this beautiful quilt.

  2. Thank you for the early post (and for all the other posts). This is exciting seeing this come closer to a finish. My friend is in Africa right now with my shopping list for the alternating block fabrics.

  3. I would like to keep the discription of each block, but I didnt think of it till last month, can you show each blok with the discription please


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