Friday, September 2, 2016

2016 Adinkra Block of the Month: Sankofa

Already September! Wow and Wow!

The Adinkra block for this month is Sankofa. This, I think, is my favorite block. Not sure why, but maybe because it is a sweet looking animal. Sankofa means "Return and get it." Learn from the past.

Sankofa: Learn from the past

I made mine from a dark green batik and appliqued it to a white printed background square in this quilt.

And here is the blue and brown Adinkra quilt (which I still own, though I'm planning on gifting it to someone soon). I used a lovely blue print for the Sankofa and a cream/beige background.

Blue and Brown Adinkra Quilt using Ethnic Echoes fabrics from Blank Quilting


  1. Thank you so much for these patterns. I am behind a couple of blocks because of a busy summer and I look forward to catching up. They are beautiful. They are perfect for learning machine applique because I want them to be as nice as I can get them. This will certainly be one of my favorite quilts.

  2. I really like this block. I could actually see making an animal quilt and using this for the bird.

  3. Just discovered your site, love the block.

  4. Just discovered this I am running to catch up! Thanks

  5. How do I catch up? I just discovered this today! LOve it!


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