Monday, September 12, 2016

Harvest Pumpkins - FREE Pattern

Yikes! I gave you a Christmas pattern, but Halloween comes well before that. Here's one of my most popular patterns featuring pumpkins and you have enough time before October 31 to make it. And it doesn't have to be for Halloween. Pumpkins are perfect for Thanksgiving or anything Fall related.

This is also at my Craftsy pattern site, but some people just don't like having to go to Craftsy for a pattern even if it's free. So, now you can get it anonymously from my web server. Even they don't keep track of things for me (though I've asked).

Harvest Pumpkins. Block Size: 8" Quilt Size: 25" x 34"
All rotary cut and stitched. This appears in my 2012 Calendar of Quilts (at Craftsy), but I pulled it out so we could celebrate Fall together. It's still in there with the other 12 quilts, of course. That Calendar of Quilts is quite a bargain for $10 with 13 quilts - 92 pdf pages!

Harvest Pumpkins appeared in Quilt Magazine 12+ years ago
I hope you can make this in time to celebrate Fall. Perfect for kids, for a table runner with 3 blocks or even one block for a mug rug. So, enjoy Harvest Pumpkins - from me to you!


  1. This may just be my fall table runner. Hmmmmmm

  2. This may just be my fall table runner. Hmmmmmm

  3. How cute that would make as a table runner. Maybe some eyes and mouth. Thank you!

  4. Cute and perfect for anyone. Thank you, Debby!

  5. When I saw the Christmas pattern, I just figured you were giving up plenty of time to make it!!!!
    Thanks for the Halloween pattern - it's adorable.

  6. hi debby....i love these pumpkins...thank you so much for ANOTHER wonderful free pattern. you are VERY generous, i loved your christmas quilt in your last post! do you have a thanksgiving surprise up your sleeve next hahahaha . thank you for always inspiring us.

  7. I can't believe the great comments I am getting on Galaxy of Stars. Thank you Debby for that wonderful BOM. Going to print this Pumpkin out right now. You are the best, And, always willing to help.

  8. Cute little pumpkins! Thanks for sharing.


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