Thursday, November 10, 2016

Adinkra BOM: November Wawa Aba Block

Wawa Aba: Seed of the Wawa Tree
Here is our 11th block in the Adinkra BOM for November. It is the Wawa Aba block which means: Symbol of Strength.

You can find the one page pdf here: Wawa Aba.

Let's see it in the blue and brown quilt:

Adinkra Quilt made from Ethnic Echoes by Blank Quilting
And just the block:
Wawa Aba Block for November
Only one more block in this series. I hope to get it to you very close to the first of December (and not the middle). Thanks for keeping up. I do look forward to seeing your blocks and quilts!

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  1. Thanks, Debby! I know your life is incredibly busy. I'm not doing it yet, anyway. =)


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