Friday, February 10, 2017

Dresden Garden FREE pattern

Yes, a new free pattern that I made for Red Rooster Fabrics. What do you think?

Dresden Garden quilt with Fleur du Jardin fabrics by Red Rooster

 Did I ever tell you about how little fabric I was sent? To be fair, these were just the little samples that the manufacturer sent to the Marketing Rep. But, Leslie has known me for over 10 years and I have delivered designs and quilts with bits and pieces before.

 Holy Cow! Bits and pieces about 1/8th yard in size with maybe 1/3 yard of that floral. Now you can see why I had to get creative with the colors!

Here is how I pieced the back:

Dresden Garden quilt back
Now, go back and look at the binding. Was I just trying to be clever? No way! I only had a little bit of each of the solid reading fabrics and so had to piece the binding. So, I put my thinking cap on and echoed the colors in the inner borders. I did sweat some bullets, truth be told.

You can download this FREE pattern at the Red Rooster site: Dresden Garden Quilt. It is 27" x 27". The center is a 20" square.  The paper template for the dresden wedge is included, but if you have an 18 degree dresden tool with at least an 8" height, things will be easier to cut.

I sell an 8" Dresden ruler (which I use when I teach my Modern Vortex workshop).
Dresden Ruler #4 shown with my Modern Vortex pattern
Modern Vortex quilt: 20" block, 28" x 28" quilt
I am teaching this workshop 5 times this Spring. And this is the 4th year that this quilt has traveled with me for this. I never, ever would have thought she would be such a Rock Star!

Hope you enjoy seeing this new, sweet quilt!


  1. Hey distant relative, would it be ok to give you a shout out and a link in my blog Thanks!!

  2. I love Dresden quilts and this one is definitely a new favorite of mine. You made great use of all the scraps to create this beauty!

  3. Very artistic and creative use of your fabrics! Love the quilt.

  4. reminds me of a watercolor painting. Beautiful.

  5. So pretty!!! So little fabric to create such a pretty quilt!

  6. I really like the Dresden - such pretty fabrics, I wouldn't have guessed it was inspired by want. =)

  7. Gorgeous. Is this pattern named after the city?


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