Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What's Under My Needle?

Confession is good for the soul, but bad for the reputation! I confess I have a LOT of UFOs (unfinished objects/quilts). A lot! I pulled out some blocks I stitched last year based on my 14 year old pattern Shark's Teeth.

Here's one block:
10" Shark's Teeth Block
 I am using shot cottons and Kaffe Fassett fabrics. My paper piecing pattern has 4 sizes: 3", 4", 5", 6" and 10".

I started off using all sorts of prints, but realized after making the first unit that this was too crazy! As you can see, the entire block is stitched in two vertical sections. I followed my own advice: "Always cut and sew a sample block before you cut out an entire quilt." This way you can see if you like your fabric choices (and I didn't, so I will keep this as a sample to show my students what NOT to do.)

Always make a sample block to see if you like your fabrics!
I've made this block at various times over the years in a variety of fabrics. Here is one I made four years ago using the Lola Collection by Blank Quilting. You can see the two sections in this first sample:

2 sections of Shark's Teeth (each measures 5" x 10" finished)
A complete Shark's Teeth Block
And here's a picture of the units I have so far, up on my flannel design wall. Notice that I've used up all the orange shot cotton and the green. I'm currently using a dusty blue for the four corners. I think I'll be done by then. This is a LOT of paper piecing!

12 Shark's Teeth blocks
My pattern is on Craftsy: Shark's Teeth. The 12 page pattern includes ideas for using the units in borders and each size has both the pattern and the reverse (the triangles point in the opposite direction). All full size for printing.

Almost done with these blocks! Then I have to decide on a border. I'll keep you posted.


  1. This block looks like it would be an amazing scrap buster! :)

  2. I agree. I think it would be awesome as a scrap quilt.

  3. what a fun block. yup I agree a great scrap buster

  4. This block has so much potential. How fun!

  5. Hello Debby! I especially liked the Sharks Teeth in your blocks in 2013. I have not done paper piecing in many years, but always loved the perfect points and blocks that were a result; I just hate the removing of the paper. I just remembered I bought some of the wash away stabilizer to try paper piecing with. I am trying to do several of my UFO's this year and am doing rather well so far. Great luck to you also. Thank you for sharing this great block and how you are laying it out, plus the variety of fabrics you have tried. It really helps me a lot! Have a great day!

  6. Such an interesting block. My favorite is the brown/white one. So many variations, depending on color choices. What you have on the design wall with the solids is great, too. Look forward to seeing those blue corners join the rest.


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