Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Woven Ribbon Star Updated

Many of you remember my Galaxy of Stars 2015 Block of the Month. There were over 20,000 visitors to that page getting those fabulous star blocks. (I've since pulled the page as I'm planning my 2018 Block of the Month).

Here is a picture of the quilt:

Galaxy of Stars Quilt: 80" x 80"
It also graced the cover of a quilting magazine back in 2007. That center block, Woven Ribbon Star, is 24". There are 12" and 6" blocks in this quilt, also. Here's the first quilt I made with that star in the center.

First Woven Ribbon Star quilt (early 2000)
I want to share two child's quilts I made with that Woven Ribbon Star. Just added some borders and they finish to about 38-40" square. I gave these away last year to a young mother with two little boys.

Woven Ribbon Star "twin" quilts
And then I made just one more block using some Kaffe Fassett fabrics and a black/white print for background. I auditioned some border fabrics and got most of them sewn on and decided I didn't like them and - gasp - ripped them off! Yes, I did!

I didn't have enough outer border fabric of any one print that would go with the center. But even the one I chose just didn't excite me. Here's the block before borders:

24" Woven Ribbon Star block
Then the borders that didn't excite me. Well? If I didn't like the first few borders sewn on, do you think I would have liked all four? Not a chance! Rip. Rip. Rip.

These borders will grace another deserving quilt center, but not this one!
Then I realized that all four borders don't have to match! They can have the same color, intensity, value, etc. I pulled four 6" strips from my stash (orange - wow, a color I'm not usually interested in) and this is what I got. I love this quilt. It makes me smile!
Woven Ribbon Star with orange borders. A big WOW, I think!
Hope you enjoyed the show. Woven Ribbon Star has gone on vacation (as a pattern) and may appear another time. For those 20,000 of you who downloaded it, now you can consider it as a quick and awesome center for a child's quilt (or wall quilt).


  1. hi Debby,
    does vacation mean there is no way to get ahold of it? beautiful!

  2. Hi, Shoshu. I took off the link to the Block of the Month, but as you can see by the "labels" list to the right here, you can find all the Galaxy of Stars posts by clicking on that link there. Keep scrolling until you find the Woven Ribbon Star. I still have the pattern pdfs active on my server!

  3. Debby, I love how your woven ribbon star plays in so many different fabrics! Also love the very colorful inner border nestled inside the varied orange outer border pieces. It so nicely brings those lovely star fabrics together for one more hurrah. It could have overwhelmed the star if used for the full border but is a great exuberant unifier. Some day I will sew the star blocks I so faithfully downloaded in 2015. You just keep giving me so many inspirations I get sidetracked! But what a journey! Thanks as always! Happy 4th and beyond! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  4. I did this quilt as your block of the month. Gave to my brother and sister in law for Christmas. Machine pieced but hand quilted. It came out beautiful.

  5. Hi Debby,
    Happy 4th of July to you. I love the woven ribbon pattern, the look of the block itself, and all of its versions above. All of these! Can't wait to see how you reinvent it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love your Galaxy of Stars. I have all the block patterns, even have the Quilt 2006 magazine where it was showcased on the cover and a few blocks made. But sadly I haven't finished it yet. yep, it's a UFO right now but one good thing, it's on top of my table so it will be worked on this year and hopefully finished.

  7. this was an amazing gift from you to all of us. thank you!

  8. That is a great quilt with all those orange borders. Of course, there aren't any I don't like. =)


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