Sunday, August 27, 2017

Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 35

Hello again! Here we are in the last week of August 2017. This is Week 35 in showing the beautiful blocks created by Patricia Bryant using my designs from my Quilter's Block a Day calendar.

Just a little history: Patricia decided to embark on this journey in 2016 with a challenge to herself to SEW a block a day (that's 366, including the leap year day) from my calendar. She didn't do this for me or for Martingale (my publisher). We only know about these because she generously shared the blocks on the Martingale Facebook page. I only found out about them mid year (Martingale didn't know I didn't know).

What takes our breath away is that she didn't just sew each block. She created beautiful settings for EACH ONE and tried to take the cues from the block names. I am sure you agree with me that she exceeded anything we could collectively imagine. (I'm not saying you're not smart - you are all pretty amazing to me!)

Let's see what she did with this week's blocks, Week #35:

August 27: Town-House Row

August 27: Town-House Row, 12"

August 28: Wavy Navy
August 28: Wavy Navy

August 29: Wiggle Fish
August 29: Wiggle Fish 
Just a side note here: I have shared several of these "By the Sea" fish which are taken from my series of 15 paper pieced fish and boats. These are packaged on my CD titled "The Best of Quilter by Design" with a total of 117 paper pieced blocks. You can see all of the series, which include:
I still sell this CD at my 2003 price of $12 (plus $2 postage, USA only). If you love paper piecing in a series, this is something you will love. All patterns are in pdf format and you can print directly from the CD as many times as you want (for yourself only, btw). You can find the ordering form by following the links above.

Back to the calendar!

August 30: Wild Waves
August 30: Wild Waves, 12"
August 31: Flying Geese Up and Down

August 31: Flying Geese Up and Down
 September 1: Apple Leaf
September 1: Apple Leaf, 9:
September 2: Autumn Star

September 2: Autumn Star
See you here next week for another fine set of gorgeous blocks. And don't forget to check out my "The Best of Quilter by Design" CD of 117 paper pieced blocks.

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  1. Hello Debby! As always, Patricia has delivered another fabulous set of blocks for the week. Wavy Navy caught my attention right away because I truly want to make an entire quilt using this method. Such a fun challenge it will be! The second block that caught my attention was Wild Waves. Wow! What a fabulous and challenging block to put together picking the correct fabrics or just going wild and free. This is another quilt I would love to make! Of course, the way in which Patricia sets up the setting for each of her blocks is so magnificent and is such a fun part of this weekly series. I know I will miss it when it is all over with. Plus, thank you for sharing the information on the not knowing about the story of Patricia having done this wonderful adventure. It was really interesting and just made the whole of her adventure more fun! Have a great day!


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