2016 Calendar Girls

2016 Calendar Girls Program

Welcome to 12 months of quilt projects based on my perpetual Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar.

Block a Day Calendar - not tied to any year
This is FREE to anyone with the calendar. Why do you have to have the calendar? Because I structured it so quilt shops could sell the calendar! This was designed in 2008 as an exclusive quilt shop program. It was to drive traffic into shops for a Calendar Girls monthly group. That was the only way you could get the pattern for the quilt.

The calendar has the cutting instructions for the block and you now can get the pattern for the quilt AND a helpful newsletter specific to the type of construction for that particular block.

Tune in each month, usually on the first day, to see that month's offering.

Here is the project for August, Free Trade Stars.

Free Trade Stars wall quilt: 36" x 36"
The project for July is Old Glory Star. I actually made a super-sized version last July for a 3-block wall banner. You can find the link to the FREE patterns for those on this page: Hey, Hey, USA

Here is the project for July:

12" Old Glory Star block; 18" banner

The project for June is Idaho Beauty. Here is the digital quilt:

Idaho Beauty
And how about another color combination?

Idaho Beauty in another color combination

The project for May is Trillium Wreath. Here is the digital quilt:

May Trillium Wreath digital quilt
 And I actually made a small sample:

May Trillium Wreath quilt in real fabric!

The project for April is Dancing Double Cross. Here is the quilt:

Dancing Double Cross
Visit the page to see more about this project!

The project for MARCH is Patches and Leaves. A lovely combination of piecing and simple raw edge applique. I've included a larger quilt, and this table runner uses just 3 of the blocks. Click on the link and you will get more information about them.

Patches and Leaves: 56" x 68"; 12" block

Patches and Leaves Table Runner:
Patches and Leaves Table Runner
The project for FEBRUARY involves 2 blocks from the calendar and an extra star block for the Warm Welcome Home quilt.
Little House Block

Lone Pine Tree Block
Warm Welcome Home Quilt: 34" x 38"
Enjoy. See you next month.

The block and project for January is Prairie Flower :
Prairie Flower Block - January 6
Here is the link for the Prairie Flower  quilt pattern with attached newsletter. See you next month!

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  1. I find the scarcity of instructions in the 2016 Quilting Block & Pattern a Day Calendar to be very frustrating.


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