MAQ 2018 Workshop Choices

Sometimes I like to get feedback from my students as "how to scratch where they itch." What sorts of classes they would like to take from me.

For the MAQ (Mid Appalachian Quilters) 2018 retreat, here are several classes I've proposed to the board. What do YOU think? Which would you seriously consider taking?

#1: Rose Star: 30” x 34” table topper
Rose Star Table Topper: 30" x 34"
Traditionally sewn by hand, you can recreate this vintage block all by machine. Using quick rotary cut KITE shapes, you will learn how easy it is to sew three together using a simple (and doable) y-seam. Twenty-four units are then stitched into the Rose Star Block with ONLY straight seams. The supply list comes with a coloring chart so you can plan your fabrics. Make one and you have a large table topper. Make several and you have the beginnings of an amazing quilt. Debby will discuss how to “square up” the blocks to work them into a larger quilt. We will also discuss adding borders to the hexagon shape (to make it larger).

And what do I mean by KITES?

Fabric kites cut with my own special kite template
#2. Seven Sisters Table Topper: 37” x 42”

Seven Sisters Table Topper
Click on the link above to see the blog page devoted to the Seven Sisters workshop.

Recreate this timeless and traditional quilt block using your favorite colors. Work with 60 degree diamonds and triangles - easily cut using a multi-sized 60 degree ruler. Quick piecing techniques bypass y-seams (set in seams) and you will be delighted to see how smoothly everything comes together. The option of adding an outer border will be discussed, but our class focuses on the table topper as pictured here. 

A variety of fabrics and colors
#3. Buzz Saw, 30” x 30”

Buzz Saw
This is a variation of a Dresden Plate - but on steroids! It is made using an 18 degree Dresden Plate ruler with a 12-1/2" height. The pointed ends are achieved by slicing off a 30 degree triangle and replacing with a white triangle of the same size. Each quarter unit is faced and appliquéd to a background square. 30" x 30"

#4. One Day Lone Star: 48” x 48” quilt (35” x 35” block)
You have the option of sewing this with NO y-seams (as in the blue quilt)
One Day Lone Star
 Or trying your hand with the more traditional method:
One Day Lone Star

You can piece this beautiful 35” block in one day! Choose a color palette, pre-cut your strips and come ready to sew for a quick and not too challenging design. This is not for beginners and you must be comfortable with the sewing machine

you bring to class. Advanced Beginners who know how to rotary cut and sew an accurate 1/4” seam will be fine, but if you are unsure about your seam allowance, practice at home so you can sew with confidence.

#5. English Paper Piecing with Hexagons and Diamonds

We begin with hexagons . . .
Traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks
Then we try our hand at diamonds . . .
Star blocks made with diamonds and y-seams
And we combine the two!
Combining hexagons and diamonds
We discuss how to turn our work into a small mug rug or placemat
More hexagons and diamonds
English Paper Piecing is a great take-along hand piecing project, perfect for making traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) blocks – and more! Discover simple diamonds, which, when combined with the hexagons, offer exciting possibilities for altogether new blocks adding a creative dimension to your design options. My collection of samples is a treasure trove of inspiration, where you’ll see all sorts of ways to use your hexagons and diamonds in a variety of settings and projects. I provide all the papers we need for class (and more).

#6. Shark’s Teeth. 10” Blocks; 54” x 54” quilt
Shark's Teeth
One block is composed of four paper pieced units:
10" Shark's Teeth Block (made of four units)
Learn to paper piece really sharp points using pre-cut strips and triangles. The 10” blocks are composed of four sets of “teeth” and can be a wonderful way to use up your scraps with a constant background color (or colors). Students will receive enough foundations for the day and master patterns for not only the 10” size but also for the 6” and 8” blocks.  (The class sample is composed of sixteen 10” blocks - 64 units of 3 teeth each)
#7. Arrowheads. 12” Blocks (9 blocks for a 41” x 41” quilt; more blocks will make a larger quilt – student decides)
Arrowheads Quilt using multiple fabrics
Arrowheads Quilt using only two colors
Using only TWO different triangles cut from a 60-degree ruler, this block is constructed in a very unorthodox manner. Sew them, slice into sections, rearrange the sections and sew them together again to get a block that appears to be made with small, odd angled patches. No templates whatsoever.  Easy, no bias edges, and we will see other ways to arrange the blocks. 
So, take a vote and let me know which of these you would like to see offered. Of course, the MAQ Board will make the final decision, but I'm sure they would enjoy getting your input. They like to have the classes full!


  1. I really like Buzz Saw and would definitely sign up for that class. Also like Shark's Teeth and Arrowheads. I finished Patty's Summer Parasols and will send a photo. Always enjoy your classes. See you at MAQ next year.

  2. I like the arrowheads and lone star.


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