Best of Calendar Quilts 2012

If you missed the 2012 Calendar of Quilts, good news! I've created an ebook of all thirteen (yes 13) of the quilts for only $10. That's less than $1 a pattern. (I checked online and a used calendar sells for $19.99!)

The cover quilt, Snow Crystals, was featured in my Supersize 'Em Quilts book:
Snow Crystals graces the cover of the calendar and is also patterned as a 13th quilt
Each pattern has all directions, well illustrated steps and those requiring templates and foundations - those are included also.

A few of the quilts have been offered as free patterns at my Craftsy shop and will be removed by the end of the year. But that still leaves 7 new quilts.

What's inside? Allow me to show you.

Now let's see them month by month. January's quilt is Colorburst Squares:

Colorburst Squares: 66" x 76"
February's quilt is Hearts on Fire:
Hearts on Fire: 43" x 63"
March's quilt is The Gretchen Quilt (no longer available as a free pattern):

The Gretchen Quilt: 58" x 58"
April's quilt is Dancing Flower Pots:

Dancing Flower Pots: 46" x 58"
May's quilt is Mini Dogwood Blossoms:

Mini Dogwood Blossoms: 20" x 26"
June's quilt is Winding Ways:

Winding Ways Quilt: 56" x 56"
July's quilt is Garden Bouquet:

Garden Bouquet 5 Block Quilt: 34" x 34"
August's quilt is Big Top Stripes:

Big Top Stripes: 48" x 48"
September's quilt is Memories of Janet:

Memories of Janet: 48" x 48"
October's quilt is Halloween Pumpkins:

25" x 34"
November's quilt is Royal Star:
Royal Star Quilt: 49" x 49"
And, finally, December's quilt is Holiday Splendor Lone Star:

Holiday Splendor Lone Star: 48" x 48"
Unbelievable to get 13 quilt patterns for only $10! Visit my Craftsy pattern site to learn more.

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