Hooray! for Hootie Owls

My favorite grandson, Miles, with his grammy
No, I haven't lost track of time. Christmas is still 4 months away! I am introducing some fantastic juvenile prints today with Miles my grandson in mind. Miles is close to 2 years old now, with his little brother due to be born at the end of October. Then he can't be my favorite grandson, just the one I've loved longer! (Yes, that is the famous Memory Bouquet quilt in the background).

What do I have today? Well, it's Monday and I like to feature my fabric partner, Blank Fabrics, on these days. (A little housekeeping here: they don't PAY me for featuring their fabrics. I get some cuts of upcoming fabric lines and I sew whatever I want with them. They like it; I like it.) I have designed and sewn for them for over 6 years (as a result of being an editor with Quilt Magazine for 14 years). This collection is called Hooray! and has little owls all over. No quilts today - just 3 fun - and quick - projects to please anyone.
Pillowcase, summer blankie, and Hootie Hexagon play book - the Hooray! Collection
I took a pillowcase out of my linen closet, cut off the 4" band/hem and then used two contrasting fabrics to made a custom pillowcase. The blue is cut 3" wide x the width of pillowcase (about 40"). Fold wrong sides together and machine baste in place along newly cut pillowcase edge. Then I cut 10" x 40" of the owl and birdie fabric and stitched it on. There are oodles of places on the internet to get a pillowcase pattern, so I am not writing one here. But, it's just a matter of sewing one long side to the blue edge, folding and then bringing the end around to the front and stitching in place.

The little blankie began as a cheesecloth dishtowel that measured 30" x 40". It was really, really crooked and I squared it up. I cut three strips 3" x wof of the black owl fabric, sewed into a long row attached it like binding on a quilt. ONLY, I never sew from the front to the back. I sew from the back to the front and because the strips are wide, it makes it look like there is a border, but it's just wide binding. I stitched it down with a serpentine stitch in lime green, from the front. Easy, quick, colorful.

Now for the kid's hexagon play book. THE FREE PATTERN FOLLOWS BELOW, including templates! Don't go away yet!!

Trace pattern (provided below) onto freezer paper and cut out for your template.
Two fabrics with batting between, cut out using template
 Cut two contrasting fabrics 6-1/2" x 10-1/2" and a piece of thin batting. I used Fairfield Fusi-boo (wonderful fusible batting - I love it!). I fused the three pieces together and then used the template to cut them out.
Used scraps to audition my stitches
After I tried a few stitches and got the length and width right, I did a blanket stitch around all raw edges using a lime green thread. I auditioned my stitches using the scraps. This way I will know how the fabric and thread will behave. No surprises here!
Plain paper for the inside
Using the same template as for the fabrics, I cut out a stack of 10 sheets of 6" x 9" paper. You can use 8-1/2" x 11" if you prefer.
I stitched down the center.
Now it's time to put it inside the book!
Stitched right through all layers.

Yes, the paper doesn't come all the way to the bottom. So what?
Little Hootie Hexagon play book!
Would you like the pattern? I thought so! You are welcome to share it with your friends, but you must leave my name on it. We don't want any angry owls, now do we?

Free Hexagon Kid's Busy Book - this is a small sized pdf. Enjoy!


  1. I have a favorite oldest grandson and a favorite youngest grandson and a couple of favorite granddaughters too- lol
    hopefully we will get to love them all for a long time :)

    cute booklet, fun quite piece to take along to work/doodle in.

  2. Oh my gosh, that little book is so cute. Love that attitude Debby ~ "So what!" LOL

    I saw that and right away thought how great it was that the paper didn't go all the way to the bottom. It almost appears to me in looking at the pictures that you could stitch some Velcro there to keep their little book closed. Hmmmm

  3. cute! I just joined a FB group that swaps Quiet Book pages. Your little paper book fits right in!Thanks!


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