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I usually post on Mondays about Blank Fabrics, but I've been too busy getting ready for my real job! I leave tomorrow (Wednesday) to teach in Birmingham, AL - 5 quilting classes for the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. My dog is unhappy because she saw the red suitcase come out of the closet. My husband? Well, is it cruel to say that "now you know how I felt all those times you travelled when the girls were little"? He's a good guy, so I won't say it.

I'll share some pics of my class projects:
Free Motion Machine Quilting - even after 5 years, continues to sell out. We start small, we practice and we practice some more. Yes, you are seeing white marking chalk on this sample.
Free Motion Machine Quilting using a stencil
Just plain free motion quilting - green thread on black batik
Batik Braids - using only a half-hexagon!
 This is an updated quilt from one I made 10 years ago, published in Quilt Magazine when I was Special Projects Editor. My senior editor always let me play with my fabrics and ideas and this one was one of those I enjoyed repeating. I have Sew Batik put together kits for these projects with their luscious fabrics, so students just spend 10 minutes cutting and start sewing right away!
Larger braid quilt - published in a magazine last year
I created a custom half-hexagon acrylic template to go along with a pattern for BOTH quilts that my students use in class. There is NO fabric waste. The short side of the half-hexagon forms the straight vertical sides of the strippy rows! This continues to be a best selling pattern at my web site.

Sugarloaf Jewels - a Magic Stax© pattern
This quilt continues to amaze me with its popularity. We work with a stack of pre-cut squares (won't work with Layer Cakes), slice, swap patches, shuffle the deck and resew. No waste, no bias edges, no random slicing - perfect 60 degree diamonds in the center. This class is also kitted by Sew Batik. I do sell the pattern, but am slow to get it featured at my web site.
Beginner's Mariner's Compass
This class is perfect for beginners with sewing experience (ie, know their 1/4" seam allowance). I teach paper piecing in an easy, 16" block with gentle curves and large pieces. I first designed this for Blank Quilting a few years ago and the pattern is still available at their web site. It's called Fun Dip and is a larger, 6 block quilt. This also is featured in my new book,
Coming in February - preview coming asap
OK. Are you still there? The last class I teach in Birmingham is "No Sneaky Peeky" - an improvisational piecing class that came out of me patterning 8 of the Gee's Bend quilts in partnership with Windham Fabrics and the Gee's Bend quilters. My students get a paper bag stapled shut with a bunch of scraps, strips, patches and a pile of fat 1/8s of the Gee's Bend solids (hand dyed batiks created by Windham). The students get a little instruction, demo, and the dip in the bag and HAVE TO sew with whatever comes out. You can see all 8 of these quilts at my web site - a Gee's Bend Pattern slide show. I also blogged about it here with pictures of the original quilts and my adaptations. And an older blog posting here: Housetop Denim
No Sneaky Peeky - no pattern; you create your own improv quilt!
So, today was just a lot of eye candy. When I get back home, I will share some more free patterns and even have another giveaway planned. For now, it's back to packing that red suitcase - but first I have to put my dog outside so she doesn't get sad.


  1. I ought to catch a ride with you and go see my family! You will be very close to my stomping grounds. :)

    Love your quilting!

  2. Wow! Fun classes, wish I could transport myself from Wilmington, NC to your classes! I especially love the 'No Sneaky Peeky' improv quilt, that's right up my alley! Have fun!

  3. Just got your email that I am the winner of your calendar...YAY..and have sent my address. Thanks so much, enjoyed your blog...mine is not quite ready yet, but I am working on it. I was able to go the the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Raleigh, NC this year while visiting my brother and loved it. Safe travels.

  4. I loved the FMQ...I need to practice practice practice.

    your quilts are just wonderful!

  5. way to go Debbie..a new book too...btw..calendars arrived many thanks...


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