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I am blessed to be able to teach with the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in over a dozen cities each year. I change the class offerings each season, but one class that I always sell out in every city and have already taught over 45 times!! is the Machine Quilting: Basics and Beyond. I'm headed to Atlanta this week where I made my home for 8 years and still have wonderful memories and even a daughter who still lives there. My husband and dog are home eating leftovers and bringing in the mail and the newspaper.

Where else am I teaching this Spring? After Atlanta I head to Lakeland, Florida; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, IL; and then Worcester, MA. A little rest and then Baltimore, MD; Raleigh, NC; and Pittsburgh, PA.

Let's see some pictures, huh?

The Good Luck Quilt, from my book Supersize 'Em Quilts. This is a new, Bring Your Own Fabrics class and this fills up in every city. We love to de-stash our stashes and all a student needs to bring are coordinating 4" strips to make this block which traditionally is made with templates. But I have devised a way to only use a rotary cutter, ruler and sew straight seams. Students get a special price on my book (Retail: $28.95, class price: $15) which has 22 projects!

The Good Luck Quilt
Another class is the Modern Quilt Blocks. It's my version of what's happening all around the country (and world) with lots of white space and color that has a lot of room to glow. We cut fat quarters, then strips and swap with classmates to get all sorts of colors: blenders, batiks, solids. Then we go to town creating easy blocks with simple lines.

Modern Quilt Blocks
Now, one of my absolute favorite mysterious quilts that no one - absolutely, no one - can believe we get these blocks from two simple triangles. The magic is in the rotary cutter action! This is another of the Bring Your Own Fabrics and students need only 8" strips to begin sewing these. My kits include a set of two simple triangle templates and then we get the Arrowhead Quilts . . .
12" blocks made from 8" strips
Same background fabric, multiple colors for the centers
Another of my Magic Stax© classes is the Colorburst Squares. We work with kits made by Sew Batik and the luscious fabrics are pre-cut into 10-1/2" squares. We measure, cut, shuffle and sew the stacks back together into these easy blocks. 3 different blocks create a lot of movement over the face of the quilt.
Colorburst Squares, kitted by Sew Batik
Here's the calendar and list of cities for 2013. Am I coming to a city near you?

Hope to see you at the Expo in 2013!


  1. I don't see Las Vegas on that list...you should come so I could have you teach me machine quilting. :O) Enjoy your travels!

  2. What fabulous quilts. Sometimes I wish I lived in America.

  3. Looking forward to hopefully take your class in Baltimore in May. I better sign up early.


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