The Hexies Are Coming! The Hexies Are Coming!

Be a Hexie Queen in the Hexie Blog Hop
You will begin at the Sew We Quilt web site, where all great blog hops start!

Nothing to be worried about! Hexies are fun and can make your quilt life an awesome adventure. Stay tuned for a BIG announcement this week. I have some inside information that this is going to be a very creative HOP. I have been very busy rummaging through my closets and computer files for 20 years worth of 60 degree creations and boy! do I have a LOT of quilts. Maybe that's due to my history of being a math teacher in a former life.

Just some placeholders from previous posts from the past year (with links so you can see how easy hexies are:

 A two year old wearing his mom's goggles and swim cap! (He's NOT a hexie, btw)
What to give my favorite oldest grandson? Place mats!
 No binding, quick to make, finished with pinked edges
Twisted Hexagon Placemats
Click these two links to see how easy these are (no set in seams)
These have binding
 Yes, that is ribbon and stuff peeking out of those seams!
My psycho Hexagon Ring with some bling
 Love that interfacing!
All by machine, ready to machine applique
OK. It's appliqued. Now what?
 No templates, no set-ins, no sweat, no kidding.
Magic Triangles Quilt that no magazine wanted to publish
FREE pattern for this - click here!
Half-Hexagon chevron strippy quilt
 Lined paper inside for toddler doodles
A little Busy Book for that favorite oldest grandson
 No batting; self-faced with fabric; joined with zigzag stitches
Four block table runner using the Bella Collection by Windham
Fussy cut hexagons using Owl Be There by Benartex (fat quarter background fabric!)
Yes, those are 60 degree diamonds
One hexagon; 6 half-hexagons
 Any hexagon can be folded into a 3-D embellishment
Folded Hexagon flowers
Leftover Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks on mini kids' bags
All by machine - no kidding. Still waiting for some sort of assembly
My new interest: Twisted Hexagons
 Is that another Half-Hexagon Quilt?
Those half-hexagons again!
And another Twisted Hexagon. Is that Sockey?
 For my favorite second daughter.
Spiderweb Table Runner made with the Bella Collection
 Capture a scene inside a Twisted Hexagon - no set in seams
Is that a toile scene inside that Twisted Hexagon?
Very easy hexagon table runner. I've actually made two of these!
Hexagon Wreath - no set in seams, honest!
OK. I'm exhausted. And I have SO MANY more quilts. But this is just to show you how different a 60 degree angle can look. Please remember, I DO THIS FOR A LIVING and not just a hobby. So, don't be overwhelmed. I wanted to show you the enormous possibilities. And more are coming.


  1. Nobody wanted to publish that quilt! Well, their loss! I love that! Love your Sock Monkey too! Looking forward to the hop! Thank you for being our head cheerleader!

  2. A lot of hexy inspiration- THANK YOU! Can't wait for more!

  3. Looking forward to this hop! I love hexies. Have a great day.

  4. ok, the sock monkey one did it for me. lol. who would of believed hexies are soooooo darn versatile..Ok, I believe now lol

  5. Debby, I love all your hexie designs especially the Twisted Hexagon. Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Oh I love hexi's...What a feast for my eyes this morning.

  7. Loads of inspiration! Awesome!

  8. Wow! I'm in hexie many ideas and so many different one. Love them .Thanks for sharing.

  9. You gave me so many great ideas!! Can't wait for all the fun!!

  10. Great new ideas, I love handsewing and I hope I will be in in the Hop! Greetings from Switzerland

  11. Can I just say WOW! Terrific and some fast finishes there too. Surely we will be inspired for the hop with the things you have posted. Good to have you on board as cheerleader!

  12. Have had a project with Hexies that I've wanted to do but have not worked with them before so this will give me a reason to try it. If in the end I just show a pile of pieces you will know it didn't work!!! Would love to be in on this one! Thanks

  13. So much beyond Grandma's flower garden. The potential is apparently endless. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Thanks for the great inspiration in this post. I look forward to this.


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