'Tis the Season . . . for Watermelons!

Watermelon Quilt from my book Bold, Black and Beautiful (AQS 2004)
 One of the blogs I follow is Sew in Love with Fabric by Benartex Fabrics. They are featuring their new watermelon fabrics - Mad for Melon -  by Kanvas and there are so many yummy pictures there that you just HAVE to go take a visit. One of them is this absolutely marvelous quilt by Ahh Quilting

Watermelon Wedge quilt by Ahh Quilting
Seeing all those watermelon quilts and yummy watermelon food items, I recalled that I have made not one, not two, but three watermelon inspired quilts in my quilting career. The one on the top was made by a friend, Diane Leighton of Yuba City, California. It was a redo of my first quilt that I made with a white background:
First watermelon quilt. 6" Blocks, 37" x 37" quilt
Now, you have to dash right over to Benartex's Facebook page because they are featuring the new watermelon collection and have so many cool ideas that are watermelon inspired.

Grilled Watermelon with Blue Cheese and Proscuitto
Photo credit: Jennifer Davick, on southernliving.com
One last quilt I made so many years ago that I've lost count. I gave it to an Atlanta friend and neighbor (Peggy) and she still tells me how much she treasures it. I used my quick and easy Drunkard's Path technique which I call Two Easy Pieces.

Watermelon Baskets
Single Watermelon Basket with some watermelon candy from Spain
 If you haven't taken a look at the relatively new Benartex blog, go take a see. Especially yummy post with several recipes AND several awesome quilts. The Mad for Melon collection is so cool.

And, one more thing! I dug around in my Fossil Fern box to see if I had any fat quarters of these watermelon colors. Let's see how close I come to the colors in the Mad for Melon group . . .

Just a few of the Mad for Melon fabrics
Watermelon colored Fossil Ferns
Thanks for visiting! Hope you had a yummy time.


  1. Hi Debby, I love the quilt on the truck....I actually love all of them....and this watermelon fabric...love that too...ohhh you are soooo good


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