Twist with the 60s and Blog Hop - Day 4

Trash Basket Batiks
Another quilt from my Batiks Vault. You won't believe the origin of this!

I had been quilting for YEARS and never used batiks until my guild got together for a sew-in day early 2000s. I saw people throwing away scraps of batiks in the trash can and I was horrified. I wasn't sewing with batiks because they were SO EXPENSIVE and I saw BIG pieces go into the "dust bin" (for all you Brits).  I ran over and scooped them up and then made: Trash Basket Batiks! Yes, you read that right. All those flowers and stems were made from beautiful batik scraps.

Now go get inspired on this 4th day of the Batiks Hop!


  1. the batiks have worked wonderfully here, wish I could have some scraps thrown my way!

  2. I hope you shared it with all those throwing the scraps away. It is lovely.

  3. the old saying about one man`s trash is very true! i would have in the dust bin right beside you!

  4. What a great use of scraps. You are so clever and inspired me in my quilting endeavors

  5. How very smart of you to rescue and then create this beautiful Batik quilt. Thanks for hopping. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  6. Haha, great story! And a beautiful piece of art!!!!


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