Galaxy of Stars BOM - January Block

Evening Star - January Block
 WELCOME to my 2015 Galaxy of Stars Block of the Month FREE program.
(The live tab for this separate page becomes active at 7 am Thursday morning)

I designed this quilt as a Block of the Month program for Intown Quilters (Atlanta, Georgia) in 2006. It also appeared in Quilt Magazine in the November/December 2006 issue. Now you can enjoy the beauty of this quilt for yourself, making it in the colors of your choice! And it's FREE!

As a Block of the Month, in order to be notified when each block is rolled out, you will need to sign up via email or to follow using Bloglovin (see my sidebar). I PROMISE I won't bug you about things, try to sell you stuff, or otherwise harass you. My blog is NOT a business (do you see any of those flashing, annoying ads?).

(This also means this is NOT to be printed and handed out. And it is NOT to be re-posted at your blog or website, other than the link with a photo. Each person is to come get the supply list and files. It's FREE, but I still own the copyright. The only exception is to assist those who don't have or use a computer.)

January Block: Evening Star 
And for those who do NOT want to (or even like to) paper piece, here is a simplified version:
 Evening Star Simplified (both patterns are contained in one pdf)

Here are some parts I dug out from my teaching box, and as you can see, I have to change the center unit colors because I don't want the oranges to touch. (That means I have to remake it!) But for now, it helps you see the rows.

OH, NO! I twisted the bottom row and just noticed it. Too bad! I'm done with the photography. I think you get the picture, right?

One VERY IMPORTANT word of advice: It is imperative that you pay attention to your 1/4" seam allowance. If you're unsure about it, take some strips of fabric and practice. If the block doesn't come out to 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" unfinished, it's an issue of your 1/4" seams, I promise!

And here's the block from the quilt . . .

Evening Star block from the Galaxy of Stars quilt
See you next month! Remember, in order to be notified, you need to sign up either via email or to follow via Bloglovin (over on the right sidebar). Thanks for joining me.


  1. so looking forward to making this but will be doing the non paper version roll on when I can open u the box in a few hours time for the instructions

  2. My first download of the new year! My first BOM block of the new year! Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful gift you give us for the nex year

  4. Debby,
    Great kick off for the year!Love star blocks!!!

  5. Hi Debby...beautiful block! I'm currently working on a quilt whose squares do not measure as they should...I too was told it was my 1/4" seams (which incidentally are perfect in this case) it is actually my cutting that is off...perfectly off on each square to date LOL so even though they measure up short, they measure up equally short. Happy New Year and thank you for this generous BOM!

  6. I love this pattern. Thanks so much 4 doing a BOM

  7. Thank you for the great pattern. This will be fun.

  8. Great way 2 start 2015. Paper pieced 1st one done
    thx for sharing. Can we post pics?

  9. I would love to see pictures of your blocks. My blog does not allow 3rd party posting of images, but if you save it as a small file (ie, 100 dpi and about 6" in size) and email it to me, I'd love to share it. I do not have (nor want) a Flicker account. I can create a page/tab just for students' work. That would be awesome, huh?

  10. Bloggers. I can't reply to no-comment bloggers with email. This is for EVERYONE who wants to know where to sign up for the Galaxy of Stars BOM. See my sidebar. Select "follow by email" or "Follow with Bloglovin" or Google Friend Connect.

  11. Gorgeous BOM. Your the reason, I learned to love to paper piece, so I'm excited to start on this one! Thanks for all you do! :-)

  12. Love this. I'm a little late signing up, but would love to give this a try.


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