Galaxy of Stars BOM - February Block

Air Castle Block from the quilt
It's February 1 and that means I've added the second block in this series. It is called Air Castle and is a traditional block. Don't you just love those spinning points?

Here is the block with the parts "exploded" (we use that term when referring to expanding block parts in illustrations). You can see how simple it is to put this together as a Nine Patch:

Air Castle sections
This  month is easy rotary cutting and sewing. I offer a one page pdf with simple diagrams for cutting and piecing. I hope you are enjoying the process!

I noticed I had TWO Air Castle blocks in my large Christmas quilt (made about 20 years ago). I have stared at this for almost 2 months every night when I eat dinner in the dining room (much warmer than my stone cold kitchen). My husband asked me the other night what I was fixated on. I said, "Wow. I have two of the same block in that quilt and they are block #2 in my Galaxy of Stars BOM." Did he know what I was talking about? Are you kidding. "Yes, dear."

Here they are:
Air Castle Block surrounded by squares on point
 And the second one:
Air Castle Block. Yes, that was a LOT of piecing for that sashing
 The quilt has 20 blocks, 12" square. It hangs on a large wall. Someday I'll snap a picture of it, though it was published about 20 years ago. It was a swap on America Online (yes it was).

Next month I will give you both the 3rd block and the pattern for the 4 small (6") Sawtooth Star setting blocks. Then you can begin work on them as you have time. (Or it you're like me, I've been known to wait until the last month and do some serious frenzied sewing of ALL the blocks at once.)

6" Sawtooth Star Blocks - available in March 2015

February Block Pattern: Air Castle

Air Castle Block


  1. Thanks for including the extra shots showing the Air Castle block in your Christmas quilt, Debby! The possibilities just keep growing! I have to admit that unless the BOM rules from a shop require that I show a completed block to get the next instructions or kit I tend to wait and do them all as a project. Thanks again for the inspirations!

  2. I love seeing what you have hanging on your walls. I remember the "books" on book shelves that you had in a room next to your dining room. I loved it and always wanted to make one. Do you still have that quilt? It's on my bucket list.
    Joan in GA

  3. Looking forward to working on February's block!

  4. Downloaded and printing as I type ! Now I need time to make it....Love this BOM your doing !!

  5. Downloaded and going to work on this in the coming week.


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