Tree Bird Hop, Day 1 - Tipsey Birds

I have made a variety of quilts that feature birds. Today is the first day of the Bird in Tree blog hop and I'm anxious to see what the featured designers share today. But, first let me show you a quilt made with four birds perched on tree branches. This is from the 25 block Laurel Wreath quilt.

Four of the 25 blocks in the Laurel Wreath quilt
Cedar Waxwing (top left in the picture above) is an interesting bird according to Charles Seabrook and his 2005 Wild Georgia column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I was living in Atlanta at the time and came across this one dated - yes! - March 13, 2005. It's all about the Cedar Waxwing and its peculiar habits.

"Waxwings have a ravenous appetite for fleshy berries. Flocks of them seem to sweep down from the sky, land on a berry-laden tree or bush and strip it of fruit in minutes. Its name comes from its love for cedar berries."

"Sometimes waxwings gobble up overripe, fermented berries. They may become so INTOXICATED that they fly . . .well, drunkenly, and crash into buildings or pass out on the ground. They can be picked up easily. Cats and other predators may make a meal of them. If you come across intoxicated waxwings, the best help you can render is to guard them from  predators while they sleep it off. After a few hours, they will sober up and be on their way."

Wow. Would you ever think a bird could get DRUNK? And on berries? A real lush!

Here's a shot of the entire 25 block Laurel Wreath quilt. That pattern is available at my Craftsy shop (both quilts). But I thought you'd enjoy these details about this silly Cedar Waxwing.

 Now, let's go see what our blog participants show us today. My day is March 23, btw.

Friday, March 13


  1. If you think a drunk bird is funny, you should see the elephants in Africa after eating the fermented marula fruit. Something you would not want to be around :-)

  2. I have cedar wax wings visit my yard too. Although mine are more a gray/olive green. They swoop in in a flock, the juniper bushes (loaded with berries) start twitching and twittering, and then whoosh! they are gone. I think some nest in the neighbor's tree. They are a very nervous kind of bird.

  3. That was interesting! Very pretty quilts, too. You are an amazingly varied designer. Great start to my tour of the birds today!

  4. What a beautiful quilt, Debby! I enjoyed the information about the cedar waxwings, too!

  5. Yes Michele-Marie but not just the elephants. Drunk giraffe and baboons are comical too. What a party!

  6. Lovely laurel branches framing the birds ... :) Pat

  7. That is a gorgeous quilt Debby ! The thought of a drunk bird is making me LOL

  8. Lovely!! Cedar Wax wings are gorgeous birds!


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