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I have received several comments about blocks that are not coming out true to size. Sometimes it's in the 1/4" seam allowance. That I can't fix! One comment came in that I can address and it has to do with making sure your printed pattern is coming out TRUE TO SIZE.

I design and sew for publication and have for 23 years. I use Adobe Illustrator and not Electric Quilt or other non-vector based applications. While I readily admit having made errors in the past, my editors have caught most of them before publication. These Galaxy of Stars patterns have been published before and I want to assure my visitors that they can get perfect results by following just a few suggestions.

One is your printer. When you go to print my pdf files, you should get a printer window like this:

If you don't, then look for "printer preferences" somewhere on your computer. Many printers "naturally" or by default shrink the end result by as much as 3-5%. That is a NO NO for quilters!! Right? Adjust your printer settings.

OK. So how do you test my files? Here is a test file to print to check your printer settings today. I will try and rewrite my future BOM stars and include a 1" test square. But for now, here is a TEST PAGE so you can print and check your settings.

Galaxy of Stars test page.pdf

The file you will download includes the paper piecing units for the April and May blocks. It has a 1" square on the page that you can measure when printed. I have printed this and it is accurate using my printer.

I hope this helps. I thank those who have written to me about this. Unfortunately, several are "no-reply comment" bloggers and I have no way to personally contact them. Thanks for your patience and happy sewing!


  1. Thank you very much for the extra work going into making sure we are all having great success piecing this lovely quilt. It makes me very excited to get to the end of the year to see the final results...nothing like blocks of the month to keep the excitement going all year long...

  2. Hi, Debby,
    Thank you so much for your extra efforts and quick action regarding print issues. I rarely have these issues but, yes, that 1" square is a great consistent reference, and I use the same ruler each time to reduce variables. Your caring and responsiveness along with your creativity keep you in the top three of my favorite quilt teachers. Thanks again! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. I am really enjoying BOM especially since my husband helped choose the fabrics(this quilt will be on OUR bed). This is the first one I'll paper piece so am glad someone alerted us to problem and you could explain how to fix because mine printer was set wrong! Thanks SO MUCH Debby I've been away on vacation so am going to go cut & stitch April & May! Am really enjoying the process!!! Pat(

  4. Good explanation. I find that at least 85% of the time, if I have a problem with a pattern, it's in the setting on the printer, so I do check every single one if it's going to be a template or something that will make a difference. You do go above and beyond as a designer!


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