Galaxy of Stars: May Block is Here

Yes, can you believe it? Already May! How are you doing with your Galaxy of Stars blocks so far? Do not panic! I was once in a Block of the Month where I waited until December to sew all 12 blocks - and they were applique! I just wanted to wait until I saw all of them before I committed to my fabrics. It was a lovely quilt and it won a ribbon at the county fair the following year. So, take it from me. There is no hurry. No one's keeping track!

Now for the May block: Irregular Star

Irregular Star
This is very similar to last month's block, Grandma's Star. I have included both templates and foundations for paper piecing for those challenging points. Here are two blocks that I made that are just orphans:

Irregular Star with plain center square
 And how about just two colors for the star? And notice that the points are reversed. You can have the long point on the right or on the left; your choice!

Irregular Star with a uniform color in the points
Now, it's time for the pattern. I hope you enjoy this. Let me know how you're doing and how you're keeping up, if you want.

Irregular Star pattern


  1. Have been absent from blogging for 4 months so have just caught up with all these blocks think I will wait and do the quilt when I have them all to hand, have bought a paper piecing video as struggle with foundation piecing

  2. Hi, Debby,
    I have downloaded all of the BOM stars so far but haven't started any of them. I'm pondering fabric selection: scrappy, plays-with, or matches. I'll likely channel my "inner Debby" and do them all together as one project. Meanwhile I'm having fun with other projects including Expo classes (recently finished "Tight Knit Circles" from March Cleveland) and enjoying your inspirations. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. Another wonderful block.Thanks!

  4. Debby,
    I started out doing the blocks each month but then March came and I got behind. I was just catching up this week and realized that the template wasn't printing true to scale for me. I bought a Tri-Recs tool for Grandma's star. Now I've printed the May block and it isn't true to scale either. I've enlarged it a little on my printer so the inside finished square measures 4" on the paper piecing pattern. Would it be possible for you to include a 1 inch square on each template page so we can verify our printers are giving us the right size pattern? I recently had that on a doll pattern that I received as a download and it was a great help. Quilting is new for me so there is a lot for me to learn. Love the pattern and can't wait to see it finished! Thanks, Sue

  5. this is so pretty, thank you.

  6. Debby: Thanks for the May block. Love you variety of colors. I've made all blocks and had no problems except the first block is 1/4 inch shorter all-around. The other blocks are perfect. Could be something I did. I was experimenting around with different ways to make the square-in-a-square block. No problem. I will adjust with a small border or just redo if I have extra material. Loving this quilt-along. Emma

  7. Emma (and others). If you are having issues with printing, it is with your OWN printer and not the pattern. The templates are accurate and the foundations are, too. Please check your 1/4" seam allowance, too. (Emma, you are a "no-reply comment" blogger so I don't know how else to reach you.)

  8. I can't believe we're already on block 5! Love the colors in your orphans. =)

  9. I cannot believe it is May!!!

  10. Thanks for the patterns each month. I love the quilt. So far I'm keeping up and enjoying sewing each block, especially the paper piecing parts. For anyone having problems with their printer, it is often because the printer tries to "fit" the printed material to the page, even though it easily fits into the page. Some printers you can turn this feature off -- others, like mine, don't seem to have a button to change this.

  11. I can’t get the patterns so I can do this


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