One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I received a request from someone (Judy) yesterday wanting to know about my Fish Placemats from 1996. Do the math: that's almost 20 years ago. Yikes! They appeared in Quick Quilts Magazine and I've used these blocks in various calendars over the years.

Fish Placemats
I have been online since 1993, with a web presence since 1997. I created a HUGE "lessons" page and I think Judy must have happened on that treasure trove. Would you like the link? A little later - be patient! Here are the 3 fish patterns I have in this very old lesson: Algernon the Angelfish, Thomas the Tuna, and Marvin the Mullet. Aren't they cute?

Three little fish
I have not updated the files. It is an old html page, but all the info for making the placemats and paper piecing the fish is there. It's sort of a blast from the past, but everything is in color and there are two links for constructing the fish and placemats.

I no longer own these. I sewed them for the magazine and one of the editors claimed them. Here's the link patterns: Fish Placemats

You can order my By the Sea Collection of paper pieced fish and boats (15 patterns in two sizes), which comes with over 100 MORE paper pieced blocks in the 117 Paper Piecing Patterns CD. The correct price is $12 for the 117 patterns (on the order form). But, the above 3 fish patterns are FREE to everyone. International shipping is extra, so check with me first before ordering. And you can order the CD via PayPal, also.

I am tempted to make these again. They were so much fun to make and I hope you'll enjoy making them, too.


  1. These are so nice. You have an amazing brain. So many ideas playing around in there. Thanks for sharing so much of your talents.

  2. You've been on the digital ride a long time. Were you on Prodigy in the '90s by chance? I have many a 4" block done by members of that group. Most blocks are languishing in the UFO pile but I've made a few of them.

  3. Looked at the order for for the 117 PP CD. Send it to Fairfax VA? I used to live in Centreville for 18 years!

    Kay Ahr now in Indianapolis, IN

  4. Kay Ahr. Your comment came in with no email! You register as a "no-reply" blogger. Here is my answer to your comment:

    Kay. Yes, Fairfax is my address. Centreville - just about 15 miles from where I live!

    The order form should read $12 (not $15) for the CD (plus postage)

    So ma

  5. They ARE cute, and I have a friend who uses placemats and cloth napkins. I'll have to make a set for her family. Thank you!

  6. Hi Debby, thanks for another freebie ! I read your blog regularly and really enjoy it. I have linked up to one of your tutorials on my blog today - I hope that is ok.
    Best wishes, Colleen

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