Galaxy of Stars July Block and Tutorial

Can you believe it's July already? It's that time for another Block of the Month in the Galaxy of Stars quilt. Did you enjoy making that LARGE Woven Ribbon Star last month? I told you it was easy!

This month's block is called Stars and Stripes. While the colors aren't necessarily patriotic, the pattern is a traditional block that I converted to paper piecing. Here is the block in my quilt:

Stars and Stripes Block
I had cut out all the parts to make another block several years ago. I decided to sew those together:

Stars and Stripes using turquoise and purple
Here is the block from the back. All trimming is done as you go so that when you are finished, everything is neat and tidy:

Stars and Stripes from the reverse side
Then I pulled out my Windham Fabrics Artisan Cottons (shot cottons) . . .

Artisan cottons - can you see those contrasting threads?
Shot cottons are woven with one color in the warp and a second color in the weft (I hope I got that right). It gives the fabrics shimmer and depth of color like none other. So, let's see the block I made with these 3 colors.
Stars and Stripes using the Artisan Cottons from Windham Fabrics

And now let's look at the process:

Cut out the pieces as indicated on the FREE pattern (link below)
Patch #1 trimmed with Patch #2 added on UNWRITTEN side of pattern
Stitch well beyond both seam allowances (stitching on the pattern line from other side)
Trim other side of Patch #1, preparing for Patch #3
Patches 2 and 3 added and pressed. They MUST be trimmed before adding Patches 4 and 5
Audition Patches 4 and 5 because they can only go in these spots
Cutting sizes are indicated on the one page pdf pattern. I even tell you how to cut rectangles so that you get these two patches which are mirror images of each other.

Note how the stitching always crosses at the intersections. Ready to be trimmed on outside lines
One quarter of the Stars and Stripes block, pressed and trimmed
Here is the entire block again:
Stars and Stripes FREE Block of the Month for Galaxy of Stars
I plan on making several more of these blocks using more of the shot cottons. Did you see the fat quarter bundle?
Artisan Cottons from Windham Fabrics
I hope you've enjoyed this little lesson for the Stars and Stripes FREE Block. See you next month for block #8!


  1. thanks Debby, I am saving all the blocks to do when I have them all, get confused when I do one a month and impatient for the next block to come. Have most of the fabric I need too

  2. Hi Debby, made the South Carolina Star and displayed in the Community Quilters Quilt Show during Jim Bowie Days last Sat.(handout with credit to you) so will count that as practice for this star. PP with you is easy-peasy. thx

  3. oops! clarfication: just the explanation and link to your blog, not the pattern. Marie

  4. Thank you!!!
    A fun project for the 4th of July Weekend!!! :)

  5. Thanks, Debby, for the new block. Seems like forever since last star or was June an extra long month. I'm going to enjoy this new share. Have great holiday to everyone.

  6. I love this block and the choices your used for your stars are so fun!

  7. I love this block and the choices your used for your stars are so fun!

  8. I love this block and the choices your used for your stars are so fun!

  9. Hi, Debby, Thanks for Block 7! I like how the star works with the shot cotton and white background ... very spring-into-summer! I am quilting through the year with other projects until I have all the blocks before I decide which fabric(s) to use. Each time I see your examples in other fabrics I get new inspirations! I'm thinking the peppered cottons would play well with some bold blenders out there for autumn! On the other hand I have enough RWB to make a quilt for 2016 for my nephew whose birthday is 7/4. Wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  10. Thanks for your clear explanation, Debby. I might even be able to paper piece this with the cutting directions being so clear, too. I like the star.

  11. Love the block and the tutorial, THANKS!

  12. got up ready to go on July and decided to check the printed pattern one more time. Good thing, my printer was off. had to play with it but now I have a 6-1/2" pattern to start with.

    Tip: I use Artist Tracing Paper for paper piecing. I can always find it at the local store. comes in a pad of 50 sheets that I trim to 8-1/2" width. with large needle and short stitches I'm in business.
    Marie (


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