Update on My Patterns, Free and Otherwise

Do you remember that Logs and Mortar FREE quilt pattern I shared a few weeks ago? It is in 1rst Place on Craftsy. It has had 1,376 downloads!
FREE Jelly Roll Pattern
And do you remember this mini quilt from last year? It has had 10, 510 downloads! Yikes - how can that be? What I didn't realize is that there was an issue with printing (due to my security settings) and no one told me. I'm so sorry! I have since revised the pattern and tested it. It now PRINTS!

Wild Strawberries Stuffed Work Applique with Prairie Points
And I've uploaded another new pattern that is very modern, very fresh, and very sexy - um, I mean HEXIE! I call it Hexagon Wreath and Stars. I made it in blues and white. It was quilted by Kathy Gray and is one of my favorites.

All the shapes are cut from a 60 degree ruler: the whole hexagons, the half hexagons, the 60 and 30 degree triangles. And there are NO SET-IN  seams. I also include a fabric planning chart for the quilt center and a one page "how-to" for cutting 30 degree triangles that even Creative Grids doesn't know how to do!

Hexagon Wreath and Stars - 39" x 43"
The 7 page pdf has lots of illustrations, too! No templates; you have to already own a 60 degree ruler.

I also have it in Christmas novelty prints. Dancing mice. Christmas stockings. A great child's quilt, don't you think? Same cutting and piecing directions except I did add an inner border. Remember, THERE ARE NO SET IN SEAMS!

Hexagon Wreath and Stars - 40" x 44"
This is not a free pattern, but is bargain priced at $3.99. So, why not try your hand at being sexy - I mean hexie?!!


  1. Beautiful quilts. I love how the hexies float. Hmmm, do I have a 60 degree triangle ruler? I think so, maybe, yes! Will mark this in my favorites on Craftsy until after the first of the year. Too many irons in the fire with the holidays approaching!

  2. Definitely a very cool quilt. And, you're right Any pattern under $10 is a real bargain these days. Would the directions work for a smaller size hexies? (Once I figure the math out...?) I really like the black and white one (or is it blue?) Thanks for letting us know about this.

  3. Love all those Quilts. You are very generous with your knowledge. Thank you.

  4. Love your quilts.. Thank you for sharing all your hard work and creativity.

  5. Your hexagon wreath and star is an awesome pattern.


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