October Block for the Galaxy of Stars

So hard to believe it's Fall. Love the cooler weather but I am missing the extended sunshine. How to stay happy? Sew and quilt, of course.

October's block is the Evening Star Variation. We had another Evening Star in January. This one is much simpler.
Evening Star Variation
I also promised that I would send some information regarding the finishing of the quilt.

Here is a Stars Assembly page to help you plan all the sashing, corner stones, etc. Next month (November) I will give you the patterns for the four 6" Square in a Square units that are in the four border corners.

For those who have not been successful with the paper pieced blocks or haven't enjoyed making them, please know you can repeat a few of the rotary cut blocks. I also hope to offer a few more rotary cut blocks as substitutes next month.

For now, here is the same Evening Star block above, but now with a Four Patch center. No pdf for this; just use the directions for the Evening Star Variation above and for the center cut (4) 3-1/2" squares of any color to go with your points. You could also make the center a Nine Patch: cut (9) 2-1/2" squares for the center. See? No paper piecing!

Four Patch Evening Star
Remember, if you have questions and leave a comment and you don't hear back from me, it's because I don't have your email!

My email is: kratovil@his.com

Thanks for joining in this herculean project! Just think of the wonderful quilt you will have when you're done!

And, I have a few ideas for next year (2016) for a Block of the Month. I'd love to hear what your interests would be. What sorts of BOM projects interest you?


  1. I love BOMs, but find I am then left with a lot of UFOs - big UFOs. Maybe a baby quilt or lap quilt instead.

  2. thanks Debbie, loving this block not come across it before. Re BOM for next year I do love it when the block are different sizes but am still not able to do FPP will master it I promise!!

  3. Debby, I love the different star blocks you have given us. Thank you for all the work you have done. As far as next year, I would love to see a few appliqué blocks.

  4. Thank you so much for your website. I love the star monthly blocks and the variety you are able to come up with is amazing. I would like to see applique blocks next year if possible, if not I am sure I will like whatever you present. The big blocks are so much easier and quicker and if the amount of pieces is small so much enjoyable. I love most of the quilts that are presented all month long. You are an amazing teacher and I thank the Lord for your willingness to share your ideas for free. Thank you. Suzanne

  5. Thanks, Debby. That's really unique. I might have to make one for my American Heroes project, just because it is so different. I haven't made the stars, but I did find some black background the other day, and some bright fabrics I once intended to use in a quilt for someone, but that never happened. They'd be perfect for the stars, though. I might be making this in 2016 instead. =) About a year behind sounds normal for me!


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