Galaxy of Stars - Block #11

Yes, it's true. Block #11 of the 12" size has yet to be revealed. Thanks to the eagle eyes of both Amy O. and Suzanne J., they were worried they had somehow missed a block. This is because they are actually keeping up with the blocks, sewing them each month and Suzanne is actually going to finish the quilt top and give it to her brother and sister in law for Christmas! (She did assure me she will take it back and then quilt it as she has time. I thought she was also going to quilt it!)

So, here is the 11th of the 12 blocks that finish to 12". I gave you the center block (24") and the pattern for the small 6" star blocks that are fillers. I lost track. Even though I used to be a high school math teacher, I guess I am getting rusty when it comes to counting!

This is called Sawtooth Star Variation, all rotary cut and stitched (whew!) The last block will be paper pieced, so I had to give you an easy time of it on this block.

12" Sawtooth Star Variation
And what about next year's Block of the Month? I have two ideas and I will probably run both of them. One is all applique based on my Adinkra Quilt. I have made the quilt twice and still own one of them. I also have blocks and patches all cut out for a 3rd one, so I have all the parts to share in steps.

There are 12 applique blocks and 13 Square in a Square blocks. This is easy raw edge applique. The fun part of this quilt is that there is a meaning ascribed to each of these symbols (ie, Friendship, Home, etc). This blue quilt was patterned for Blank Fabrics using their Ethnic Echoes Collection (several years ago). I sold the pattern on CD and in 2016 it will be FREE!

African Adinkra Quilt: 10" blocks, 69" x 69" quilt
Here is a picture of the first Adrinkra Quilt I made (now in a museum collection):

Original Adinkra Quilt, gifted to the African American Museum in Virginia

The other one is based on my Quilter's Block a Day calendar by Martingale. This means that in order to participate you will have to own either the desktop version or the CD version. This is more than a block a month - it is a QUILT project a month! This was a quilt-shop-only program in 2008 and I realized that this could get a lot of traction with all of you!

Block a Day Calendar with 366 blocks
The calendar is available on Amazon, at your local quilt shop and in limited quantities from me. More on that in December. But check out your LQS to see if they have them in stock. This is not tied to any one year; it is perpetual.

What sorts of projects will these be? There will be one a month for 12 months.

Glory Leaves Placemats (based on a November block)
Prairie Flower Quilt (based on a January block)
And for each month I give a tip sheet (like a newsletter) which is specific to that month's project: making half-square triangles, bias strips, etc. All the yardages and steps for making the projects are included, just like a stand alone pattern. Each pattern is 3 pages (pdf) and then the tip sheet.

Each month I also include a line drawing so you can make your project using your own colors.

The catch is that I don't give cutting directions for the blocks because that is in the calendar. You have to have the calendar to get anywhere!

So, think about it. And to see ALL THE BLOCKS that are in the calendar, go to this link:

You can see all 366 of the blocks and get an idea of the breadth of the calendar. Hope you'll join me in one of the two BOMs for 2016!


  1. many thanks for the latest block and I have wasted no time and ordered the calender as that is the main project I think I will do next year

  2. Debbie, I am one of the 1,000+ who are downloading your pattern. I started off good this year and did at least 4 blocks and life got in the way. I have all my fabric set aside for this quilt and will be finishing it next year! Thanks for doing a BOM again next year. I will check first with my LQS. I know she sells the perpetual calendar but it might not be yours.
    Thank you for sharing your designs.

  3. Thank you Debby and Amy. I have been following along. I have each month written on a post it note on my desk. And as Debby gives the star for that month I cross it off the list. For some reason I have November already crossed off. Hmm! I looked in my file and NOPE it is not there. Argghh!! Not sure what I did. Thank you Debby for doing this for us all out here.

  4. And here I thought it was just me who had missed a block! I finished the ribbon star yesterday and was caught up. Now I have another beauty to make!

    I have so enjoyed this BOM. Thank yout again for giving this to us!

  5. Debby you are a blessing. I look forward to your quilts every month. Some months I may not get the block sewn up but they are always a welcome. I love your style and all the colors. Thank you so much for sharing them free.

    I am looking forward to the applique blocks in 2016. Also, how do I get the 366 block a day CD? I am hoping it is not too expensive. Thank you so much for all you do.

  6. Of course I'd love to join you in the Calendar projects! Sounds like a great idea!

  7. Hi all. I am new to quilting and over the last year have been participating in 2 different BOMS.
    Debby I love this Galaxy of Stars quilt and the way you outline the blocks is very easy to follow. I will definately be joining one of your 2016 BOMS. Depending on how it finishes I may even post a picture. (As I'm not confident to do so yet)

  8. Hi Debbie,
    I just wanted to tell you there are some people out there that interested in your beautiful quilt. Thanks for the blocks

  9. Thanks for the latest block. I thought we already had November's block--Woven Star. Maybe I missed a different month and put it in the wrong place.

  10. Another beautiful block. Thanks so much.

  11. Oh, no, my calendar is lost! When Paul and I were traveling the country, I was trying to do all the blocks, but somewhere the blocks that were done and the calendar got put away, and I think they are in storage in Phoenix ... where I'm not likely to get them any time soon, and sometimes I think I will never see those things again. I may have to buy a new one for next year!

  12. Hi Debbie! I've been keeping up with the blocks and also thought I had missed one! Thanks for assuring me I wasn't going nutty! The paper piecing has been a real challenge but I fought thru with minimal start overs. Can't wait to see it all put together! Priscilla


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