Galaxy of Stars - Housekeeping and Updates

I want to catch you all up on what we have so far. Also, I've received requests and questions from several bloggers and I have NO WAY to answer you because your email comes in as a "no-reply" comment. For example:

Pamela had a wonderful comment about how she has all of her fabrics and plans on finishing the quilt in 2016. She's made several blocks already. But I had no way to get in touch with her and tell her "Kudos, Pamela!"

Then there's Sandy:

Do you see what I mean? If you don't get a question answered from me within a day or two, it's probably due to the fact that I can't get in touch with you. Remember my email: Yes, I made that public! You can always write to me there with Galaxy of Stars (or whatever blog topic) in the subject line.

Now for the blocks so far:
  • I've given patterns for eleven 12" blocks (one more coming in December), 
  • one 24" block, 
  • the pattern for the 6" blocks,
  • and the pattern for the Square in a Square border blocks.
  • You should also have the supply list of materials and a layout diagram.
The Galaxy of Stars page (navigates from a button at the top of my blog):

Should be current. I was notified that the link I gave in the November block for the extra Sawtooth Star Variation was broken. Again, I couldn't get back to the commenter because it was a noreply-comment.

I added the Sawtooth Star Variation block as a separate post November 15. There is a picture of the block from the quilt and the link to the pattern:

Sawtooth Star Variation makes 11 blocks so far!
Next week, before Thanksgiving, I will give more info on my upcoming 2016 Block of the Month projects. I actually have a page that shows all 12 of the projects that are based on my Quilter's Block a Day calendar.

Would you like to see them? Would that help you decide if you want to participate? I also have several quilts from when quilt shops offered it, but those won't be revealed until the appropriate month.

And remember, I am also offering patterns for my Adinkra Quilt:

African Adinkra Quilt in blues and browns
And the first Adinkra Quilt I made (and since gifted):
African Adinkra Quilt using authentic African fabrics


  1. Thanks so much for all you do, Debby. I am substituting your 24" star for one in a row by row that I didn't want to make - too much paper piecing for me! I just need time to do it! And some other catching up. I think I'll be finishing that next year, too. =) I'm determined to clean up a lot of unfinished projects where I just ran out of time, so I'm limiting new things, but I know I will do something with at least one of your projects next year. I can't go cold turkey on nothing new! I'm not that person. =)

  2. And yes, I'd like to see your project pictures, but I already know I'll be doing at least some of them. ;)

  3. Hi Debby! Sorry about the no reply thing on my blog post! I forget when I post from my tablet it is a different sign on that from my laptop. Just wanted to say "thanks" again for the BOM.

    Sandy A
    scotty4me39 (at)

  4. Ashamed to admit that I have not started it yet but yesterday did print all the instructions off and have the background fabric sorted. I tend to work better when I have all my blocks downloaded and not do them as posted. Also ordered your calendar impatiently waiting for it to drop through the letter box

  5. Debbie, I am so sorry you got that "no reply". This time I am leaving a comment with the box checked for email follow-up comments. Maybe that is what I did wrong?

    Thank you for the reply and the extra effort.

  6. Thank you Debbie--for all you do! I wanted to make sure I had all the patterns, so I downloaded again. I love the quilt, but will have to wait until after Xmas to begin it. The season is just TOO busy!

  7. Hi Debby, I have my background fabric and picked out what colors I want to use in my stars. As soon as I get my Christmas stuff up next week, I am going to start!! Better late than never I always say!!

    Been so busy with training my horses that I haven't had time to sew much. BUT I always download your patterns each month and watch for what others are doing. I LOVE your blog!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Debby - I've really enjoyed the Galaxy of Stars BOM this year (altho I haven't made particularly amazing progress)... and I'm super excited about your Adinkra quilt for 2016! It's a long story but I have a special connection to one of the Adinkra symbols (sankofa) so I can't wait! Hope your holiday season is wonderful!

  9. I love your block of the month calendar. It's a must every year for Mom's stocking and a little gift for myself. :)

  10. I love your block of the month calendar. It's a must every year for Mom's stocking and a little gift for myself. :)


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