November Block for Galaxy of Stars

Yes, it's November 1 and I reveal the 11th block in our Block of the Month project. Actually, I've shared more than 11 (the center 24" block, plus the 6" blocks). Today I reveal the Woven Star which is at the bottom righthand corner of my quilt:

12" Woven Star
I converted it from paper piecing to standard rotary cutting and stitching. It's not a difficult block to sew. Don't you love the "woven" effect of those bold colors?

In October I shared the Stars Assembly page to help you plan all the sashing, corner stones, etc. It's still up for those who may have missed it.

I promised I would give the pattern for the 6" Square in a Square cornerstone blocks for the four outside corners of the border. I have both the paper piecing version and the rotary cutting version. Your pick!

Here is another rotary cut block that you can use to substitute for any paper pieced blocks you don't want to make. It is a Sawtooth Star Variation (sorry for the small size). Yes, this is all rotary cut for a 12" finished block.

Sawtooth Star Variation
I have one more blogger's star blocks to share. Sandy sent me pics of her blocks. I love that she also uses a light background color:

Sandy's blocks so far
 And here's Sandy's Royal Star block!

Sandy's Royal Star block
I guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what our last block will be. Yes, you can figure it out! Until December 1, I'll leave you to figure it out. Remember, if you have a question or concern about any of this, send me an email ( Many of you come through as a "no reply blogger" and I have no way to answer your emails and comments.

Thanks for making this a successful Block of the Month! I'm busy planning the 2016 one. I'm leaning toward applique (raw edge is my method) and I hope you'll give it a try.


  1. many thanks for the latest block Debby

  2. I am really loving the Galaxy of Stars. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us

  3. Just saying "thank you" for all your work and all the patterns. Though I haven't begun my Galazy, the plans are all saved and waiting for me. Thanks again for your generosity.

  4. Love this quilt. Thank you for posting it for us. I have too many Christmas projects to finish first, but I will be making Galaxy of Stars in 2016.

  5. Wonderful blocks. Thanks for the non-paper-piecing block, too. I do like sawtooth stars of all kinds.

  6. Hi Debby, I have tried to go to the Sawtooth Variation and the link comes up saying there is an error. Is it me or is there and issue? Thanks for your help.
    My friend and I fell behind due to numerous things so we are planning on doing the blocks after the holidays.


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