December Galaxy of Stars Block: Tilted Star

Here is the last - and probably most difficult - block in my Galaxy of Stars Block of the Month. I hope you have enjoyed this, even if only to print and keep the patterns for another time when you have time to sew!

Here is the Tilted Star in my quilt:

12" Tilted Star
This is a foundation pieced block. For those who don't care (or like) to foundation piece, you can cut the pattern apart, add 1/4" seams and make templates. Or you can substitute any of the previous star blocks I've offered.

I have also included in the 5 page pdf a lesson on how to draft this star. I think when you see how it was drawn, you can appreciate how our quilting ancestors were able to create just about any block.

I made another one and took pictures of the parts as they were paper pieced. Here is the back (remember, the foundations are the mirror image of the finished blocks):

Tilted Star block parts from the back side
 Tilted Star block parts from the front side (paper is still on):

12" Tilted Star foundation parts
Notice how the seams appear as though they were sewn using templates. That's because I trim leaving 1/4" seam BEFORE adding each successive patch.

Tilted Star sewn from back
 And the finished block . . .
Finished Tilted Star!

I would love to see your blocks, and of course, any finished quilt tops (and quilts!)

I will begin my TWO Block of the Month programs on January 1. What are they?

Calendar Girls - you will need a copy of my Block a Day Calendar that looks like this:

I've been asked where to find this (I can't reply to several who've left comments because there is no email address!). You can find it at your local quilt shops and on Amazon:

I do not know about international availability. I have a limited number to sell, but the cost of postage can be outrageous. The CD weighs 3-4 ounces. The desktop one weighs a pound. Do the research with your postal service and see if it's worth it to buy it from me.

Get your 5 page pdf of Tilted Star by clicking on the link. Happy sewing!


  1. thanks for this final block, might have to substitute it as rather complicated for me! Re your calendar book it is available through amazon in UK I bought mine last week

  2. Thank you for another beautiful block!!!

  3. Your star is stunning! And your calendar looks wonderful. Happy December!

  4. thanks for this last block. this has been a fun BOM. thank you for all the work you have put into getting these stars out to us. Have a safe and fun holiday season.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, I never got any fabric together to play along, but I've saved the tutorials for future.

  6. Thanks for a great year of stars blocks!

  7. I have collected the patterns for Galaxy but not made them yet. I already have your calendar so I'm ready for January, 2016!

  8. Hiya Debby! I was wondering about the 16 rectangle blocks that are shown. I honestly did not see anything written on them and was wondering about their size? Or will there be another segment on finishing the quilt? Thanks! love it so far and am ready to sew the last block! Thanks sooo much!!!

  9. Thanks Debby for your reply on how to buy from overseas. Amazon is fine by me, I will go now and order your calendar. Thanks again.
    Warm hugs,Ruthie

  10. I don't care for paper-piecing, but this one doesn't look too hard. I could also rotary cut it, I think. It's a great star! My calendar should already be on its way, since I can't get my other one from Arizona. =)

  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful patterns. I love the stars.


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