Monday, December 28, 2015

Upcoming 2016 Block of the Month Programs

Here we sit between Christmas and New Years and things are pretty quiet around here. I had a houseful of kids and grandkids and lots of good food to eat. Now I'm cleaning and straightening up and getting back to work.

I must be nuts to offer TWO monthly quilt programs, but I'm going to try! Most of the work was already done. I had to do some editing and tweaking of the files.

Here's what's coming: My monthly Adinkra Quilt Block of the Month. This is 12 raw edge applique 10" blocks and 13 Square in a Square blocks. Each month will feature a new applique block. January will feature the supply list, the pattern for the Square in a Square blocks, and the first Adinkra symbol block.

You can choose to either make yours in coordinating colors:

Ethnic Echoes Collection used for this Adinkra Quilt #2

Or you can go scrappy, as in my first Adinkra quilt made from authentic African fabrics and some batiks for the appliques.

Scrappy Adinkra Quilt #1
The Adinkra Quilt project will come around the second week of each month.

The FIRST WEEK is for the Calendar Girls QUILT of the month, based on this calendar:
Desktop Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar

Perpetual Calendar of 366 blocks by Martingale (CD)
You may have the CD version (image above) or the desktop version (below):
Yes, you MUST have a copy of this calendar for the pattern to make sense. That's just the way I designed it and my publisher approved it for that use only. This is still for sale at many quilt shops around the country and also internationally. It's also available on Amazon and I have about a dozen of the CDs still for sale.

So, stay tuned! We're in for a wild ride (OK - maybe just me for taking on two monthly projects!)

Calendar Girls reveals the first project on Friday, January 1, 2016.


  1. have my calender ready and waiting for jan 1st

  2. Just wanted you to know that I checked with my LQS about this calendar at your suggestion. I knew she sold them but wasn't sure if it was this one, but sure enough it was. I am ready to go. She also had the calendars out for show and tell at our last Saturday Sampler meeting.

  3. I'm in ! Just ordered the calendar. Thanks, Debby !

  4. I have my calendar, but will have to wait to start until later this month. I still have family visiting the first of January.

  5. My calendar arrived on Thursday from England. I'm ready too.
    Warm hugs, Ruthie

  6. I have my calendar, and I'm set to go! I do like the scrappy Adinkra, too.

  7. I've had the calendar for several years. I love that it is perpetual. I enjoy looking at the blocks each day. Looking forward to seeing what the Calendar Girls quilt looks like. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  8. Some of the first interesting fabrics I found in the late 80's were African Kwanzaa fabrics, so I'm really looking forward seeing more about your Adinkra QAL! Going to tell my mom too :) Happy 2016! Right around the corner....


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