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So much for scraps. I mean, we all save them, right? Always looking for that perfect pattern to use them up. How about digging around in a trash can for batik scraps thrown away by fellow quilters during a sewing day? I am not kidding - I did it and here is the result!

Trash Basket Batiks was made around 2004. Here's the little story:

My Atlanta quilt guild was working on a group project - sewing several beautiful batik quilts in
order to be used to raise money for a youth missions trip. Everyone was slicing and dicing and -
horror of horrors! - throwing the little strings and scraps of batiks in the big trash cans. I was
stunned. So, I dashed over and scooped out the little piles of gorgeous fabric and announced that
I couldn’t let that happen. My guild understands my quirks and laughed and poked fun at me.
Well, I got the last laugh when the next month I came back and showed them what I created from

those trash basket discards.

And the project:
Trash Basket Batiks
Blocks are 9" x 12" and the little quilt is 22-1/2" x 28-1/2". This is very 3-D and includes those little prairie points. I'm not sure if I still own this (yes, with hundreds of quilts in my history, cut me a little slack, ok?)

The FREE 8-page pdf of Trash Basket Batiks is full of illustrations and ways to create four different flower pots, along with those yo-yo flowers and even the ones with "crazy hair" type blooms. While this was an improvisational quilt for me, in order to get this published I had to write it as a reproducible pattern. Lucky you!

Hope you enjoy this. Let me know what you think and maybe your craziest story about rescuing scraps. Can you beat mine?


  1. Wow! Hard to believe those were scraps and I love the name too!! Lol I'll have to check the box to notify me of more comments on this subject, but quite honestly I think you should get the crown!! Bravo, well done!!

  2. I have found comfort in his post. My friend was teaching patch and many students threw into the trash pieces of cloth that could sew. I picked up a lot. I did not understand the waste. The patchwork was born for to take advantage the fabric, right ?. But your quilt is much more than a well used fabrics: It is a great quilt.
    Thanks for the pattern. Thank you very much.

  3. A lovely good use of scraps.

  4. Thanks for this little story and the pattern. I have been thinking of ways to use up my scraps. I will have to try that.

  5. Similar to your precious find, at quilt camp because the fusible web did not 'stick' to the backing paper so many ladies where throwing out what i considered perfectly fine webbing I asked could i take it 'yeah its useless' I got the last laugh I came away with over 10 meters of the stuff and all i had to do was use a few pins to hold it till it was ironed onto the fabric..... I still shake my head as it is not cheep stuff I also came away with heaps of 'unusable fabric' again perfectly usable its how you look at things i guess [and your bank balance]

  6. I can't top your story and I think the flower pots are cute.

  7. Can't top but I tend to do the same thing. I must download this pattern as I am definitely a scrap saver! And, no, I doubt I'll ever use them all up but this could make a small dent in the piles! Thanks.

  8. Debby I can just picture you madly diving into those trash bins, rescuing those precious pieces of fabric, he, he....I cannot wait to make my own Trash Basket Quilt...and I love, love the little "fluffy" flowers that are on some of the blocks...but I did learn to make those only as wall hangings as I have one little doggie that sees a bit of lose thread and off she goes to "fix it"....I have had to mend all kinds of clothes, rag quilts and yes, jean coasters with raw edges...

  9. I don't think I can beat it, but I've been known to do the same thing. I used to teach classes and always checked the garbage cans after class! I've also taken strips from one of my friends who owned a fabric store. There are re-order strips on some of the bolts of fabric. If she didn't plan to re-order, she would save them for me. LOL I guess it's no wonder my scrap boxes overflow. Thanks so much for that adorable pattern!


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