Kaleidoscope Quilts and a FREE Pattern

I'm retiring this workshop after teaching it for several years, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of the quilts I've made - and one made by my friend Jeannine.

A kaleidoscope pattern is based on an 8-Pointed Star grid. What's that, you ask? Here's a simple 8 pointed star called LeMoyne Star. This is not an equal sized 9 patch grid. As Jinny Beyer says about this grid: "... all of the outer points are the same distance from each other."

EZ Being Green from Supersize 'Em Quilts, 2009
Farm House West Stars as seen in Supersize 'Em Quilts
Now for kaleidoscope! The angles are measured from the center, where the tip of the triangles measure 45 degrees. 8 triangles equals - wait for it - 360 degrees (a complete circle)!

Single kaleidoscope block
And here is the class sample I used. Blocks are 10" and the quilt size is 42" x 42". This is 1 of the 4 projects included in my pattern.
Days to Remember Collection by Mary Kerr 
There are 3 different colorings of the blocks. One center, four in the corners and four on the outer centers. Let me show you one of the pattern pages. You can see each of the 3 block colorings.
Looking at the 3 block colorings
Now for a quilt made for Benartex. I used the Katie Collection from several years back. This appeared in my 2014 Wall Calendar of Quilts. I love these fabrics! This is project #2 in my pattern.

Merry Go Round quilt using 12" blocks: 48" x 48"
Now for one made with really fun fabrics. Jeannine used the Sockey Fabrics from Windham for this. She used my pattern and kaleidoscope ruler. 12" blocks for a 48" x 48" quilt. This is project #3 in my pattern pack.

Sockey Kaleidoscope Quilt by Jeannine D.
And can we see the center?

Center of Jeannine's Sock Monkey quilt

And how about a table runner using string pieced triangles? Glad you asked!

 This string pieced 3 block runner is project #4 in my pattern.
String Pieced scrappy blocks
 Three blocks make a fabulous Autumn runner.
22" x 46" table runner
And I just found a few other quilts I had published several years ago. This uses some Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I had an extra block and made a pillow. This was gifted to some little baby a few years ago.

Four block quilt with a matching pillow
And one last pattern. I made this quilt using one of the 1930s reproduction collections from Windham. This isn't a great picture, but I think you get the idea.
Feedsack Kaleidoscope
Here's a link to the free pattern. It's in color and the piecing is simple. There is a paper template for the two triangles. Or, if you have a kaleidoscope ruler, you can use that.

Feedsack Kaleidoscope Quilt - which is a FREE download from the Windham Fabrics web site. I actually have enough patches cut out to make another one. I guess I must like this pattern, huh?

All rulers and patterns for kaleidoscope have been sold (one lady emailed at 3:30 am!). Thanks for your interest. Look for some future posts about other rulers.

I do have 4 patterns with multi-sized kaleidoscope rulers remaining. If you're interested in buying one (only US residents, unless you want to pay the extra postage), I'll forfeit the postage. $15 for the pattern with ruler. Send me an email (kratovil@his.com) and I'll give you my PayPal info for making that arrangement.
Kaleidoscope Ruler and pattern are #3 above


  1. Looks like a great pattern with lots of possibilities. I also like that first quilt, the colors, everything about it. It's calling my name, but I'm not listening! =)


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