Revisiting The Laurel Wreath 85 Years Later

I have always had an affinity for the vintage 1930s patterns. Many appeared in newspapers as series that quilters eagerly anticipated weekly and then cut out and stitched using whatever fabrics they had available. The famous Kansas City Star patterns are usually what comes to mind when today's quilter hears about these vintage blocks. But the Chicago Tribune and other large newspapers also ran a variety of these series. One that recently came to mind is the Laurel Wreath. Do you know that one?

Vintage Laurel Wreath quilt
This was designed by Florence LaGanke writing as Nancy Page. Each block was accompanied by a detailed description of how to select and arrange the fabrics. The appliqué blocks were given full size for tracing onto template material.

I redrafted the blocks in early 2004 and then plunged in thinking I would make the entire quilt. Holy Cow! After 5 blocks (all the birds), I gave up. I made one bird into a small wall quilt and have since gifted it. (Can't find a picture of that one, sorry to say.) And I turned the other 4 birds into a lovely quilt using garden maze sashing.

Four Block Laurel Wreath Quilt: 45" x 45"
I used to sell this on CD for many years. Since then I've turned it into a 66 page pdf and sell it on my Craftsy site. Still only $10. The Laurel Wreath is such a lovely reminder of days gone by (REALLY gone by!) and the sweet blocks created by designers during the 1930s.

I think my little granddaughter would enjoy looking at this one. Her mother (my oldest daughter, Audrey) is also enamored with 1930s fabrics and designs. She has laid claim to many of my vintage remakes and will probably get all of the rest when I pass on to the "giant sewing room in the sky."

Maybe I'll share a few of my other remakes of these series in future posts. While not large, there is a strong contingent of quilters who love these vintage patterns. Are you one of those?


  1. It's beautiful! I can't imagine sewing around all those leaves and birds, but it would definitely be a treasure once it was done. I love vintage patterns, but haven't made anything using one.

  2. It's beautiful. Will most definitely try it out.

  3. I absolutely AM one of those! Next year, I'm devoting my CQ time to applique. Haven't done that in a while, but I was thinking about red and green quilts. However, this later pattern has also always appealed to me. Your updated version of it is gorgeous, but I can understand only making 5 blocks. That's a LOT of leaves! Thanks for the reminder about this pattern. I might have to make ONE block next year. LOL


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