Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 Calendar Girls December Block

Here is is: the last of the 2016 Calendar Girls blocks and projects. It is called the Star and Berry Wreath. It's a perfect size for either a wall banner or a table runner. The blocks are 12" finished.

Star and Berry Wreath: 22" x 48"
I've included the 3 page pdf on how to sew this: Star and Berry Wreath

as well as the one page pdf on tips for the bias technique used for the wreath: A Touch of Applique

I hope you've enjoyed this series of my Block/Project of the Month. I am not planning one for 2017. I will have the occasional "Quilt of the Moment" (to use a phrase of quilter Judy Martin's). I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. May it be filled with fulfilling quilting, happy times with family and friends and good health!

I hope you'll consider my 2017 Quilter's Block and Pattern Calendar should you wish for more quilt inspiration. I know it is offered on Amazon. Check with your local quilt shop also.

2017 Block and Pattern a Day Calendar


  1. thank you for our last block for the year. I presume your 2017 calendar has full instructions for making the blocks? So many on the calendar I have now I would struggle making as there are no instructions but can now work out how to do a lot more of them than I could have done at the beginning of the year, thankyou for this last year.

  2. just checked out your 2017 calendar on amazon here in the UK but ni sign of it so will keep my eyes open hopefully it will become available

  3. I found the calendar at Joann Fabrics about a month ago and bought it immediately. I have a few of these but haven't done much with them even though I want to. I have too many things on my plate. However, I love your patterns and ideas and enjoyed the one class I took from you one year at the Sewing Expo.

  4. Thank you for this final pattern. I will miss the monthly ones next year, but I have the calendar, so I can make my own, I suppose. =)


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