Monday, June 26, 2017

Alaskan Cruise! Will You Join Me?

A once in a lifetime opportunity came my way to teach on a cruise. When I saw that Alaska was one of the destinations, I grabbed it. I had no desire to go to the Caribbean. I prefer cooler weather and mountains!

Dates: Sunday, June 3 (launching from Seattle, WA) to Sunday, June 8. Here is some info in case you are considering a cruise, especially since it involves QUILTING! Four classes, taught by me, in a gorgeous setting onboard the MS Holland Amsterdam America. We quilt while out to sea.

Quilt and Cruise goes to Alaska!
Here are the classes, all kitted for you (in similar fabrics by the Blue Hen Quilt Shop in Newark Delaware):

First day at sea (June 4), we stitch up Patty's Summer Parasol. Sewing machines are provided by Janome. This is VERY easy paper piecing of those arcs. Then we attach the teardrops. Magically turn under the raw edges by machine. (Fabrics will be similar; not exact matches, but the project is the same.)
Patty's Summer Parasol: 42" x 42". 12" blocks
Here are some of the arcs:

Then we split up the next all day workshop (Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass) into two mornings (June 5 and 6). This way we go visiting Juneau (June 5) and the Hubbard Glacier (June 7) after lunch.

20" coffee filters are the basis for our mariner's compass!

Here's one done in Kaffe Fassett prints:
Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass (in Kaffe Fassett fabrics)
I think our class sample will tend toward the solids and we'll choose a different background print:
Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass in solids and gray
And my very first CF compass, done in traditional reproduction browns (so I could test drive my method).
Original Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass (32" x 32")
June 8, from 2:30 - 5:30pm we take our 3rd class: Half Hexagon Braids.This is not your ordinary French Braid technique (which uses rectangles and then you trim the vertical sides with a lot of fabric waste and inaccurate results). We cut half-hexagons with a simple acrylic template from 3" strips of batiks and as we build our rows from the bottom up, the short sides of the patches make the VERY straight sides. Very fun!

Half Hexagon Batik Braids Quilt: 34" x 48"
And our last day out to sea we have Pyramids and Jewels. The morning has us creating a Thousand Pyramids quilt from a 5" charm pack and a solid white/cream. Even those border strips come from the charm pack! You can transfer this technique to ANY stack of fabric squares. The magic is in the cutting, stitching and assembling.

Thousand Pyramids (21" x 23")
The afternoon we take the LEFTOVERS from the Thousand Pyramids, add some more solid fabrics, and we get Fractured Jewels:

Fractured Jewels: 27" x 34"
I am known for teaching TECHNIQUE. I love being in the classroom and taking my students on a learning adventure. I don't lecture; I take you into the lab!

This will be an awesome time of seeing the majestic beauty of Alaska, sharpening your quilting skills and having fun while doing it, AND taking a vacation!

Check out the Quilt and Cruise site for more information.

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  1. Debbie, that sounds like a dream vacation to me! What wonderful projects, and to see Alaska, too! Thanks for the information.


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