Storm at Sea Quilts and Coloring Pages

A favorite workshop from a few years ago had me making not one, not two, but three of these quilts. The first one I cut all the patches one by one. I wanted to test out my design. I think I still have this quilt center somewhere in my closets.

First Storm at Sea, testing my pattern
Here is a digital rendition of the kits my students would receive in classes (Sewing Expo, 2011-12). Kits were then cut by the John Flynn company. Absolutely beautiful! And my students actually stood and cheered when I passed out the kits (can you imagine?)!

Digital rendition of class kits
Storm at Sea is a vintage pattern. This is what it looked like in an old newspaper. Can you believe those templates?!

Storm at Sea by Eveline Foland for the Kansas City Star, 1932
John Flynn's daughter, Kate, handles all the laser cut kits. She sent me a set of small pre-cut patches to make this batik Storm at Sea block (9" quilt center!). I added borders and quilted it with my walking foot. Check out the Flynn web site to see all their current laser cut kits!

9" Storm at Sea block
I chose MUCH larger blocks for my students! This is how the kits would stitch out. Students got border and binding fabrics, too! The blocks were 5", 5" x 10" and 10" x 10".

Storm at Sea Quilt: 43" x 43" (pattern on Craftsy)
Then I decided to make another one, this time with a striped inner border and a blue outer border. This was gifted to someone last year.

Storm at Sea Quilt with blue borders (pattern on Craftsy)
And one more variation which I've seen off and on for the past 20 years. This is the result of creative coloring. Same layout as the quilt above (minus the boats):

Heart at Sea

You can use the Storm at Sea 1 Coloring Page to try your hand at the heart design.

This is a fun quilt to test-drive fabrics and colors.

You can make your own Storm at Sea quilt using my pattern on Craftsy.

Here is the FREE Coloring Page for the quilt center without the little boats: Storm at Sea 1.

And the FREE Coloring Page for the quilt center with the little boats: Storm at Sea 2.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my very traditional quilts using a very traditional pattern.


  1. storm at sea is on my to do list but the trouble is the list is getting so long, have said nothing else is to be added but that will not last long I am sure. Seeing these has reminded me to try one which I plan to do in the next few days. I saw a quilt using this design when I first started quilting 4 years ago and it is what inspired me to persevere

  2. Thanks Debbie! I made a paper pieced storm at sea several years ago. I'm looking forward to trying a traditional pieced block. The coloring sheets will definitely help!

  3. Oh I love this quilt design. Each one is super cool. I like the boats, or ships rather! The one you made for a test quilt is amazing as well! This is the first time I've seen this and I love it!!

  4. I can't imagine how small those pieces were for the 9-inch Storm at Sea. I like it, but somehow I seem to like the centers of your other ones more.

  5. This is one of my favorite designs. I've made a complete quilt with it, but never a heart. That's intriguing.


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