Free Pattern Friday with Scattered Stars

Another quilt made for a fabric company, this time for Red Rooster. I call this Scattered Stars and it has appeared in my 2017 Block a Day calendar, too.

I used the Stella Collection which is bright and happy with large flowers.

Here is the digital quilt with both 8" and 12" blocks:
Scattered Stars: 50" x 54"
You can find the pattern link (pdf) here: Scattered Stars

There are NO y-seams. The construction is done with one of the blocks split so that you only sew with straight seams. I can "see" that you don't believe me. OK. I'll show you the assembly page, alright?

Assembly of the blocks for Scattered Stars
Yes, there are templates in this, but I know you can do it! Have a great weekend and see you on Sunday with more of the blocks from my Quilter's Block a Day calendar.


  1. Thanks I have saved this as I have never done a wonky type star before but admired those I have seen

  2. I like this quilt. I am always intrigued by quilts made with blocks of different sizes.

  3. Like this one to!!! Thanks 4 sharing it.

  4. Hello Debby; This is a fabulous pattern, I am so glad that you shared it with us! I hope that it is a pattern I can get to soon. The main border fabric is so beautiful, you make such brilliant choices with your fabrics. I try and pay attention to those details in other quilters quilts and am slowly getting better at choosing fabrics. It can be difficult from going totally scrappy to a more controlled style of fabric choices. Do you have any tips or thoughts where to especially pay attention and so forth? I apologize Debby, my brain injury does get in my way when I know what I am trying to say yet because of the brain damage the correct words just do not form. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern and your special talents! Have a great day!


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