Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Calendar Girl Quilts - 13 of Them!

In case you missed it, I published 13 quilts in a wall calendar in 2012: "The Best of 2012 Calendar Quilts." I sell this on my Craftsy site and thought I would highlight each of the quilts here to show you all the wonderful and different techniques are included in this 92 page pdf. You can find it on Craftsy (to download) or you can order it from me on CD and you get the same files.

Snow Crystals is the cover quilt and is based on a vintage pattern of the same name. I converted the pattern from odd shaped templates and set-in seams to simple paper piecing. The entire CENTER of this quilt is ONE block: Snow Crystals. It was designed by Eveline Foland and appeared in the Kansas City Star on December 13, 1930!

Snow Crystals from the Kansas City Star, December 13, 1930

And my Snow Crystals:
Snow Crystals. Block Size: 24" x 24". Quilt Size: 34" x 34"

Let's see the other 12 (which I will be highlighting here). There is appliqué, paper piecing, raw edge applique, rotary cutting - all of it! I call this "The Best of 2012 Calendar Quilts." If you buy it on Craftsy, it is an amazing price of $10! Or you can order it from me for $12, plus $3 postage (USA only). Email me for the ordering info by mail: kratovil@his.com

Stay tuned for the other 12 quilts. I know you'll enjoy seeing each of them.

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  1. Hello Debby! You are such an amazing and talented woman/artist/quilter and I am sure the titles go on. Each of these quilts are fantastic! I am sorry to say that at this time, I will have to wait on this amazing deal. I will save this post to remind me that it is available in Craftsy! Thank you for creating and sharing these magnificent quilt patterns! Have a great evening.


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